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Visit these Malaysian villages and experience traditional life

Wherever you go, go with all your heart


Rural Tourism allows you to experience and explore the fun of villages and untouched lands. It is well known for boosting the rural economy through developing jobs, farm support, environmental preservation, rural supply and services, landscape and ecological conservation, rural arts and crafts, and the enrichment of regional heritage. The project will benefit the neighbourhood by bringing in tourist services that range from ecotourism to cultural tourism.

With rich history and traditions, Malaysia has excellent potential for Rural tourism. Malaysia is fortunate to have UNESCO-branded rural areas. These rural locations have enormous potential for offering a “really Malaysian” experience.


This blog is about the different places and activities in Malaysian villages that you can enjoy while visiting Malaysia.




Pulau Ketam (Selangor)

This is an island with Teochew and Hokkien Chinese people. You can see a fishing village here. The village stands on water. Mangroves surround it, and you cannot see sandy beaches even though it is beachside. When you spend the night here, wake up to boats and bicycle bells ringing instead of car exhaust smoke and engine noises. Tourists can stay overnight in a few hotels and homestays in this area. With this, you can sense what it’s like to spend a few days in a community. You can also take boat rides here. 


The paddy fields, fishing community, and white sand beach in Sekinchan are highly recognised. Nevertheless, there are many things you can see and do in this area. Many residents of the surrounding towns of Klang Valley occasionally enjoy stopping by this fishing village in Sekinchan to buy fresh local seafood. The fish will be cleaned, sliced, and then boxed and wrapped, and the prices are affordable. It is also the best spot for photography lovers. You can also learn about rice and its processing. People relax on the swings and tree house here.


Bagan Datuk

This is a fishing city on the outskirts of Malaysia. You can stop in the picturesque spot and enjoy taking pictures. There are many fascinating murals that you can see while you explore the shop lots. We advise travelling in the evening to catch the sunset along the sea. You can clam dig and find fresh seafood here. Also, explore the sunflower farm and enjoy feeding the ducks.

Homestay Rumah Panjang Annah Rais

This is the place with the longest longhouse with 150 doors. Many local goods and handicrafts are available for purchase, including tuak, keropok, and several beaded crafts. They are all made by the longhouse occupants.


Orang Asli Village

The Orang Asli live a semi-primitive lifestyle and only visit the town once every month to buy daily necessities, including rice, cooking oil, coffee, etc. They have most of their requirements met by nature; therefore, the entire jungle serves as their “supermarket.” The youngsters, some of whom kindly greet guests while the others run around nude, are the most hospitable. To get to the settlement, visitors must use a boat. There are blowpipe and fire-starting demonstrations among the events here.

Gemalai Village

Gemalai Village, close to Pantai Cenang in Langkawi, is undoubtedly a well-kept secret! There are 6 traditional kampung houses, 3 of which have double and 3 single stories. Wooden boardwalks that cross the paddy fields connect these homes, many of which are submerged in water. You can rent a modern house with air conditioning and a perfect bed here. The breakfast to guests is served on the porch, where they may gaze out at the expansive green paddy field and gorgeous blue sky. The beds are comfortable, and the stay is tidy.


Mah Meri Cultural Village

The woodworks of the Mah Meri people are well known, particularly their expressive face masks. During traditional dancing ceremonies, these masks represent the Moyang, or ancestor spirits. There are a few galleries where hand-carved wooden masks and other handicrafts are displayed. The visitors get the choice to play the local games and wear their traditional costumes. You can buy souvenirs from the shops nearby. 

Kuala Sepetang

 It is well renowned for its fishing communities supported by the fish farming and goes by the name Port Weld. A few hotels and inns are nearby, allowing visitors to take their time and slowly explore Kuala Sepetang. Eat the renowned mee Udang that has everyone raving when you are in Kuala Sepetang. It is well-known because eateries here frequently serve mee Udang from Kuala Sepetang with giant prawns! You can also enjoy the Mangrove forest here.