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Top Adventurous Trekking Places in South India

Trekking is a long journey on foot. The mountains and peaks are visible, and you can enjoy beautiful views. 


The most satisfactory remedy for your restless feet and migratory soul is to explore a place on foot. The most acceptable exciting activities you can do when travelling are hiking through mystical woodland trails, climbing rocky outcroppings, navigating stormy waters with ropes, or rafting on raging rivers. 

There are many destinations in South India that you can explore and feel. Some of the important destinations in South India are:


The lonely Giant- Chokramudi

For Munnar trekking, the trail to Chokramudi is a fantastic alternative. Engage in the adventurous pastime of trekking to Chokramudi while in Munnar. The hike has four sections to the highest peak: the shola walk, the grass stroll, the difficult ascent, and the hazardous terrain. When the Shola hike is finished, you come out into a grassy area where hard-core climbing begins. 

Chummar Tea Plantation

You cannot leave strolling through the tea gardens off your list of Munnar trekking trails. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Shola woodland and grassland meadows. You will be able to smell the distinctive scent of tea leaves and see miles covered in lush green tea gardens. One of Munnar’s top hikes is this one. 


Kannan Devan Hills

This well-known Munnar hike is amidst breathtaking natural scenery and requires a knowledgeable guide to navigate the tunnels. You must walk through the tea plantation for around 30 minutes to get to the highest point of the Lakshmi hills. A camping trip in Munnar includes a ridge of a hill with tea bushes and rugged mountain ranges on either side. Once there, you may see the Idukki dam, Asia’s tallest arch dam.  

Chithirapuram Hill Station

Kulu Manali is another spot where you can paraglide. You can view excellent snow-capped mountains and snow spread every year. The Solang Nala Valley, Burwa Point, Marhi in Rohtang, Talogi, and Dobhi in Kullu are a few of the paragliding locations in Manali. 


Lakshmi Hill Trekking

Lakshmi Hill Trek’s adventure trekking experience in Munnar is so unbelievable that it never ceases to astound tourists and hikers. The Lakshmi Hill Trek’s starting location is just 3 kilometres from Munnar in the direction of Cochin. The subsequent hike delivers magnificent splendour to the travellers and is followed by a ridge. Wander around the grasses while taking in the view of the rocky peaks. It is one of Munnar’s top treks.

Kumara Parvatha trek Coorg

The second-largest mountain in the Coorg range is Kumara Parvatha. You will be entranced by the winding uphill route to Kumara Parvatha as it takes you through rocky terrain, thickets, open heaths, and beautiful meadows until you reach your goal. Your hiking trip in South India will be unique due to the area’s enveloping stillness. 

Hampi Trek

Hampi Trekis a fantasy world of breathtaking beauty now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is near to the banks of the River Tungabhadra. Don’t miss the opportunity to include Hampi on your South Indian trekking destinations list. A journey to Hampi is unique and soul-enriching for anyone interested in history or photography. 

Gokarna Beach Trek

Are you sick of going exclusively on rocky or woodland trails? If you’re looking for something that calms your soul in the presence of nature and gives you a strong sense of spirituality, you have the option of trying something completely different. It is a little beach town on the Arabian Sea coast that is well-known among Hindus as a place to visit because it is home to the revered Mahabaleshwar temple. A morning walk along the beach will lift your spirits and tempt you to spend some quiet time in nature, thanks to the fresh sea breeze. You can also taste fantastic seafood.  


Chembra Peak, Wayanad

Chembra Peak offers a breathtaking view of rare flora and fauna. The pathway along the sides itself is an exotic view for the trekkers. A lake with a heart form, waterfalls, and vegetation are seen. The forest department organizes a one-day trekking excursion. One of the best places for trekking activities is there. Around the peak area, there are a lot of beautiful views.  

Iruppu Falls trek Ooty

The area in which the Brahmagiri Hills surround is a tranquil retreat for trekkers and true nature lovers. Iruppu Falls may be visited on a leisurely weekend if you want to use South India’s trekking opportunities fully. Several endangered species live in the tropical rainforest surrounding the waterfall. The greatest time to visit Iruppu Falls to take is during the monsoon and winter or from August through January. 


The Nilgiris Green Lake

Trek takes you to a stunning lake that is impossible to miss. Even without the hike, the lake is wonderfully gorgeous on its own. Take your time admiring the scenery. The immensity of the lake and the isolation of the location are captivating. Other trails frequently crisscross the trail. The pathway ultimately emerges at a beautiful grassy bank on the lake if you continue on a path that bears to the left.  

Trekking is an adventurous sport and involves a lot of energy. It also needs some accessories to go on trekking expeditions. Some of them are:

  • Mittens/ heavy gloves: This is used for the tour in the snow area.
  • Jacket: To prevent the cold winds and the cold weather
  • Woollen dresses
  • Trekking boots: Trekking boots for climbing and protecting your foot
  • Woollen Socks
  • Gaiters: This is waterproof and will protect you from unexpected debris