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Explore these top 10 Wellness Places in India for a Rejuvenating Experience.

India is one of the most well-liked international locations for wellness and medical tourists looking for a holistic vacation due to its centuries-old proven therapeutic practices in Ayurveda, Yoga, and naturopathy. 


Since the dawn of humanity, our saints and sages have been engaging in age-old rituals that prioritize a person’s overall welfare and health. As a result, wellness tourism is rapidly growing and expanding in India. We have never been reluctant to impart our ages-old wisdom to help people’s stress-free lives. Our healthcare systems have great potential since they were created using the collective wisdom of generations of ancient civilizations.

This blog is all about the major wellness locations of India.

Major wellness attractions in India

Medical and wellness tourism is a vast area in India. India is bestowed with age-old practices of Ayurveda and related treatments. Some of the major attractions of wellness tourism in India are: 


Ananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, across the former royal estate of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal, Ananda is the most attractive spa resort in the country. Ananda is occupied by 100 acres of land surrounded by forests. There are custom-made packages for individual health with an amazing view of the Himalayas. Yogis, nutritionists, doctors, skilled therapists, chefs etc., operating in the resorts are all well-trained. The primary attraction here is the Spa. There are 80 varieties of Spa therapies, a blend of modern and traditional ayurveda treatments. Healing therapies, Yoga & meditation etc., are also important treatments here.

Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Center, Karnataka

Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Center, located in the periphery of Bengaluru, is a very popular wellness centre in India. This 9-acred wellness centre offers Yoga, meditation and other Ayurvedic remedies. The centre offers a vegetarian diet for its believers. The establishment provides various alluring custom packages based on visitors’ requirements as determined by a doctor. Additionally, this premier wellness facility in India offers inexpensive, pleasant lodging for visitors in the form of an old wooden Ayurvedagram is specializes in arthritis, infertility, depression, diabetes and much more.


The Leela, Kovalam, Kerala

The Leela Kovalam is one of the major wellness centres in Kerala, India. More than a Hotel/resort, it has gained popularity as a wellness centre with therapies, rejuvenation, de-stress, detoxification etc. There are different customized and other packages of therapies and treatments. The special diet, herbal treatments and body massage rejuvenate anyone. They have specialized doctors for ailments. The Spa you get from The Leela, Kovalam, is special to the body and mind. 

Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Karnataka

Yoga has long been recognized as one of the most secure and efficient ways to treat patients in the medical field. It is now becoming more well-known all across the world. Yoga is frequently utilized as a kind of therapy. Although there are many yoga centres in Karnataka, India, Shreyas Yoga Retreat is the best option if you’re seeking a location with a great atmosphere and superb yoga instruction. They seek to regenerate the body and psyche. As a result, they offer personalized treatment plans that play various healing roles for their clients. This wellness centre is a complete relief to the body and mind!!


Vana, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Vana Dehradun is unique because of its eco-friendly atmosphere. The resort has a natural water harvest and natural waste management system. Visitors have to follow some strict rules when entering this 21-acre land. Several competitive packages and heartwarming services make Vana a special place! The well-trained professionals retreat your mental, emotional, and physical health. While enjoying your stay, you can taste the delicious cuisines, taste and learn the nutritional diets, Yoga, gardens, music and much more.

Devaaya, Goa

Devaaya is an ayurvedic natural centre located on Divar island. This 5-acre property is a fusion of modern and traditional luxuries. The ayurvedic and Naturopathic treatments are well-known treatments here. This is the best place to recoup one’s life and soul. The resort ensures a comfortable stay and includes ample furniture, modern facilities etc. Gym and swimming pool facilities are other attractive facilities to rely upon. Joint pains, rheumatism, diabetes, partial paralysis etc., get the best cure from Devaya, Goa.


Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center, Ashtamudi

If you need to balance your budget to emphasize your health and wellness, Sarovaram is the finest place to find inexpensive healthcare services in India. Sarovaram provides its patients with genuine Ayurvedic treatment and is situated in a lovely tropical garden on the shore of Ashtamudi Lake. The family-run retreat provides Ayurvedic treatment packages for detoxification and rejuvenation for healthy living. Additionally, as the centre offers other activities like bird watching, visiting herbal gardens, visiting temples, and visiting villages, one may have the best experience there.

Atmantan, Pune, Maharashtra

Atmantan promotes eating behaviours that nourish the mind as well as the body by offering a wellness cuisine that is both wholesome and delicious. The 40 acres resort provides a comprehensive range of wellness programs for the guests. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted while guests are staying here. They offer anti-ageing facials, acupressure aromatherapy, western and Ayurvedic massages, and Pranic healing. Vichy showers and Turkey hammams boost your body and mind.


Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center, Mysore, Karnataka

The Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center was built using biblical and architectural principles and is located on the slopes of the Chamundi Hills. One of the greatest Ayurvedic centres in Mysore, India provides a Vedic perspective on how to use Ayurveda to live a healthy and tranquil life. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether are the five elements that make up the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center. The retreat facility provides its clients with various services in addition to Ayurvedic medicine. These include lodging, meals and ceremonies, instruction, and yoga therapies.

Nimba Nature Cure, Mehsana, Gujarat

Nimba Nature Cure is the centre to offer ‘good health’. Nimba was established in 2014 with luxurious grounds on 50 acres. The phrase is taken from the “Nimbati Syasthyamdadati,” ancient Indian scriptures. The goal of the naturopathy centre is to return a person’s body to its optimal state of health by assisting them in improving their physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Here, amidst the peace of nature, one can calm their soul and learn about the reliability of wellness programmes. Additionally, the retreat facility prioritizes offering its visitors cosy lodgings during their stay for treatment.



Wellness tourism is one of the most celebrated tourist sectors in India. The traditional medicinal practices inscribed in the manuscripts of the ‘Puranas’ has contributed to Medical tourism and wellness in India. 

India is undoubtedly the most incredible location for your health vacation because it surrounds you with many facilities that may meet your mental, physical, and spiritual demands.