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Top 10 things to do in Slovenia in 2023

Lose yourself in any quadrant of Slovenia, experiencing country-wide experiences and world-class outdoor activities. Slovenia owns some of Europa’s most stunning natural tourist attractions, from the snow-capped mountains and tree-lined valleys to the dark karst caves and breathtaking nature. Whether you’re planning on hiking, cycling, caving, or canyoning, there are many destinations in Slovenia for every type of outdoor enthusiast.

The country’s quaint, picturesque towns make the unique mixture of diverse scenery even more beautiful. Slovenia is one of Europe’s best outdoor destinations. To list some, raft the crystal clear aquamarine rivers, hike the Julian Alps, paddle board on the lakes, and explore the karst caves.

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If you plan a trip to Slovenia and need help figuring out where to go, this is a great place to start. Here are 10 epic destinations to visit in Slovenia.

The culinary delights and thermal spas make it an excellent destination for relaxing and rejuvenating!


Vrsic Pass

Vrsic Pass is the highest Pass in the country at over 5,000 feet above sea level. You will thoroughly enjoy the drive along the hairpin turns and watching a few landmarks, like the bronze statue of Julius Kugy and the Russian POW chap along the way.

You can find dozens of peaks and trails to climb, making it an ideal destination for hiking. Vrsic Pass, located in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, is one of Europe’s most scenic mountain passes; motorcyclists and drivers will enjoy challenging roads.

Surrounded by the Julian Alps, the Pass allows you to explore the area’s natural beauty, including alpine meadows, glaciers, and waterfalls. For those who enjoy winter sports, Vrsic Pass is a popular destination for snowboarding and skiing.

Enjoy the ultimate adventurous road trip!

Skocjan Caves

Slovenia has many exceptional karst cave systems; among them, Skocjan Caves are undoubtedly the most famous. It is one of the largest underground caves in the world, with extensive indoor chambers. The Unesco-listed, six-kilometre-long Škocjan Caves offer guided tours through the “Silent Cave” and then into the “Murmuring Cave”.

Don’t miss the Martel Chamber, a vast underground chamber 100 meters in height and 300 meters in length. Postojna Caves are the natural wonders in the Skocjan Caves- a unique cave system which includes a network of tunnels, chambers, and halls.

Take a guided hiking tour through the Skocjan Caves. Enjoy the stunning views of underground rivers, waterfalls, and limestone formations!



Piran is a beautifully preserved town built on history, beaches, and incredible views! The village is marked by red Gothic houses and imposing city walls. You will be stunned by the picturesque plazas and squares and the stunning medieval cathedrals.

One of the main attractions in Piran is Tartini Square, the Venetian House, and Piran City Walls. If you climb the stairs to the top of the walls, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the town and the sea.

Piran is also best known for its beautiful beaches. You can explore the surrounding area, Portoroz and Koper, Praetorian Palace and the Cathedral of St. Nazarius.

Piran is a perfect destination for all types of travellers!!

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is a fascinating architectural masterpiece crafted into a natural cave with a network of secret passageways, hidden tunnels, and imposing karst caves. It’s more than just an 800-year-old castle considered the world’s most significant, unique, and fascinating.

The castle’s well-preserved rooms, including the chapel, the dining hall, and the knight’s room, are a must-watch. Closely watch the Gothic and Renaissance styles!

Visit Predjama Castle during events and festivals like medieval reenactments and a summer concert series showcasing local and international musicians. Don’t miss Postojna Cave, one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions!


Soca River Valley

From the Julian Alps, Soca River Valley flows through western Slovenia, Bovec, Kobarid, and Tolmin and ends in the Adriatic Sea. It is best known for its emerald green colour. The Soca River Valley is a diverse region with natural beauty and outdoor activities.

You can go for water sports like hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, and fishing.

One of the popular attractions in the Soca River valley is the Tolmin Gorge, a narrow and dramatic canyon. The waterfalls and pools, crossing bridges and wooden walkways will make your trip unforgettable!

Honestly, it’s a place worth visiting!

Lake Bohinj

Relax and admire the picturesque scenery in Lake Bohinj! The lake is one of the most beautiful and tranquil destinations in Europe. Also known as the outdoor lover’s paradise, there’s nothing more relaxing than a walk and watching the sunset. The view of the stunning mountains, forests, and meadows and its reflection on the lake will be mindblowing. Make yourself immersed in crystal clear water!

You can rent paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes to make your journey more wonderful. One of the most popular hiking trails is the Savica Waterfall, a stunning waterfall over 60 meters high. Go for winter sports. Visit several ski resorts that offer a range of ski slopes for skiers and snowboarders.

Don’t miss the Mostnica Gorge, a narrow canyon over 2 kilometres long!


Lake Bled

The awe-inspiring Lake Bled in the Julian Alps is a must-see for everyone visiting Slovenia. Medieval castles on the hill, snow-capped mountains, and lush forests add beauty to your visit.

Enjoy the incredible views from Bled Castle, a boat ride to the mysterious Bled Island, or swim in the calm, refreshing waters. Lake Bled offers plenty of luxury hotels and resorts where you can relax for the night.

You will enjoy the journey on “Pletna”, a traditional wooden boat to the Island. Then visit the Bled Castle atop the hill overlooking the Island. The Island itself is a stunning architectural marvel!

The lake is also a popular destination for water sports like swimming, kayaking, and rowing. After these adventurous sports, enjoy the region’s health and wellness offerings, including thermal springs and spa treatments.

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Pericnik Waterfall

Pericnik Waterfall is a lot more fun to visit. Pericnik Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder that consists of two individual falls. One fall cascade over 171 feet, while the other waterfall is only 52 feet high. You can walk behind the small trail if you are adventurous enough!

It’s beautiful to watch the refreshing water flows down from the surrounding mountains and drops over the edge of a cliff.

Experience the refreshing mist created by the falling water!

Pericnik Waterfall becomes a magical frozen wonderland during winter, with icicles forming on the rocks and trees surrounding the waterfall.

Enjoy the scenery of the icy beauty of the waterfall!

Summer or winter, it’s a perfect place to visit!!


Lake Jasna

Lake Jasna, one of Slovenia’s most beloved gems, stands against the snow-covered Slovenian Alps. The water will be pretty icy, even on a hot day. So it’s a perfect swimming spot to beat the summer hot!

Lake Jasna is a stunning alpine lake and a popular destination for swimming, fishing, and sunbathing, with several beaches on the shore. You can hike to nearby waterfalls and mountain peaks or leisurely walk around the lake.

One of the most popular attractions at Lake Jasna is the Zelenci Nature Reserve, a series of crystal-clear pools fed by underground springs.

The lake is also a popular destination for winter sports.

You can explore Zelenci Nature Reserve, attend cultural events, or relax and enjoy the lake’s tranquil beauty!

Triglav National Park

The tallest mountain fills the nation’s northwest corner and anchors the Triglav National Park. It is a pristine slice of natural beauty located in the northern part of Slovenia. From mountainous peaks and green valleys to sparkling lakes and flowing rivers, Triglav National Park has everything for a perfect trip.

The Soca River, Tolmin Museum, Bovec, Vršič Pass, Lake Bohinj, the Soca River, and even the legendary Lake Bled are popular destinations near it.

The best thing to do in Slovenia is to hike in Triglav National Park. Located in the Julian Alps, this rugged, rocky mountain range is an epic destination for hikers and rock climbers. You may find the Seven Lakes Valley more attractive, which leads visitors through a stunning alpine landscape of meadows, forests, and glacial lakes. Spectacular mountains and forests surround the lakes and offer visitors a tranquil and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!



There are many exciting places and things to do in Slovenia. The picturesque lakes are surrounded by stunning mountains, beautiful rivers, water sports, castles, museums, galleries, coastal towns, underground canyons, waterfalls, local cuisines, and festivals – what else does a tourist need for an unforgettable travel experience!!!