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Top 10 places to visit in the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia. The pristine white sandy beaches explain the beauty of the Philippines. Many publications honoured the Philippines to be one of the major tourist destinations. But there is even more!


“It’s more fun in the Philippines.” The country’s slogan proves everything right regarding the country’s landscapes and adventure. The country is almost sunny and warm all year round, attracting tourists who need to escape a winter depression. The country is rich in adventure sports as it is beaches everywhere in this island nation. The warmth and friendly nature of the Philippines people make the tourists feel at home. 

This blog is all about the different places to visit in the Philippines.

Major attractions of the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines is very affordable. You can find a lot of cheap accommodation without compromising luxuries. Here are some top attractions of the Philippines.


White Beach Boracay

As corny as it may sound, White Beach is genuinely picture-perfect, flanked with tall coconut trees and complemented by tranquil, crystal-clear waves. It is the main attention for Boracay tours and the best tourist spot in the Philippines, as Boracay is home to multiple honeymoon resorts and some of the best five-star hotels in the country. You can visit this place for a grant vacation with family and couples. After the gorgeous sunset, this spot becomes the centre of nightlife. It is a party place and has many pubs.

Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a geomorphic wonder holding a unique landscape. The valley has several cone-shaped hills which turn chocolate brown during the summers. Make your way to Carmen, where you can find the Chocolate Hills Main Viewpoint. Through trips to the Bohol countryside, you may also observe the hills. A peaceful Loboc river ride and exploring Balicasag Island, a well-known diving location in Bohol, are just a couple of the exciting things to do in Bohol besides visiting the Chocolate Hills.


Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Puerto Princesa is a river listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the longest navigable underground river in the world. This place is one of the biggest caves in the Philippines. It is a 1.5 km underground river cave with teeming wildlife like crab-eating monkeys, lizards, bats etc. You can hire a paddle boat through this long river, watching and enjoying the beauty. Tourists can also visit the crocodile farm nearby.

Cloud 9, Siargao

Siargao is the prime destination for travellers who loves adventures. There are many adventure activities, and the most noted one is surfing. This place is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. The most well-known surfing location in the nation and a must-see on the Siargao itinerary is Cloud 9, which attracts surfers. The thick tubes of Cloud 9 are in excellent condition from November through April, making it the ideal location to be pumped.


Cebu's Beaches

Although Cebu was recently recognised as a member of the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities, its real beauty is hidden beneath the surface. Over two million foreign visitors arrive on the island each year, drawn by the inviting seas abounding with diverse marine life. The island of Cebu has some of the most breathtaking diving locations in the nation and even the entire world, including underwater caverns, shallow shipwrecks, and marine preserves.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces is a unique landmark in the Philippines for its beauty and iconic landmarks. You can hire a colourful jeepney which will take you along the beautiful terraces of Banaue Rice. The Ifugao people were masters in carving mountainsides and wood, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Banaue Rice Terraces are also located there. It provides breathtaking views of emerald colours throughout the rice-growing seasons of April through May and October through November.


Rizal Park

Aside from the commotion, Manila is home to many tourist attractions and historical sites in the Philippines. Rizal Park, often known as Luneta, is one of them. The parks feature manicured gardens, ponds and dancing water fountains lighted up at night. The place also has a list of national museums you can visit when you are in Manila. The Rizal Monument, which marks the location of Dr Jose Rizal’s execution, may be seen in this 60-hectare urban park. The Philippine flag is flown from a 46-meter flagpole in front of his monument by the breeze from Manila Bay.

Kayankan lake, Palawan

Tours to Kayangan Lake will take you to the craggy limestone islets, and cliffs that encircle the lake. The most incredible place to view this stunning landscape is after a 10-minute climb up a hill. Curiously, this view is of where the tour boats park rather than the real Kayangan Lake, but it is still stunning. The real beauty is concealed beneath the lake’s seemingly glass-like waters, despite how breathtaking the views from above are. The region is one of Coron, Palawan’s most visited tourist destinations due to the abundance of rock formations and schools of fish.


Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls in Cebu is ideal if you enjoy wading into or swimming in soothing, flowing waters. It is a multi-layered waterfall in the town of Badian, and its turquoise waters make it so popular. The first cascade, or level, has a height of 40 metres and is where most guests rest, swim and take a bamboo raft ride for a free natural water massage. It takes ten minutes to get to the second cascade, which is quieter. The nearby town of Moalboal gives you an experience of the Sardine point, where you can swim with millions of Sardines offshore.

Taal Volcano Lake

Locals and foreign tourists from Manila frequently travel south to Tagaytay, a tranquil town well-known for its temperate climate, breathtaking scenery, and several tourist attractions that are well-known for being one of the most fantastic family-friendly locations close to Manila. The Taal Volcano, one of the most miniature active volcanoes in the world and a stunning landmark in the Philippines, is best visible from the Tagaytay hotels. The volcano is located on the island.


The Philippines is a hidden treasure of a vacation destination if tropical islands, stunning scenery, and endless adventure are on your bucket list. 

This island nation comprises 7000 islands, a perfect mix of nature, culture and fun. 

The unique attractions and friendly locals give you a lot of memory to take back. The Philippines will surely give you a daunting experience in a short period.