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Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand – south-east Asian country with unique places to visit and a wide variety of cultures 


With epic tropical beauty, ancient temples, fantastic food scene and vibrant nightlife, Thailand truly has a chaotic charm that attracts people from across the globe. The country, also known as the Land of Smiles, never disappoints.

The reasons for visiting Thailand depend from person to person. It may be sightseeing for one and food for another. It can be e-shopping for one and partying and pubs for another. In short, visiting intentions may vary from each other. 

This blog is all about the most exciting reasons for visiting Thailand



This is one of the best reasons for visiting Thailand. There are a lot of beautiful Buddhist temples all over Thailand. These temples are spread over a vast area, and the beautifully built architecture is spectacular. There are almost 40000 temples in Thailand. Many structures still stand as historical structures. In Thai, they are called Wats. Most of them have a Stupa. People often travel to these temples to get some inner peace. Emerald Budha and Wat Phra Kew are the famous temples here. 

Beaches and islands

Thailand is blessed with several beaches with crystal clear water. The white sand beaches are indeed a place to visit. The picturesque landscapes surrounding the beach are very spectacular. There are many island beaches to experience water sportsfrom any Thailand beach. You can explore low-cost scuba diving, paragliding, banana rides, etc. You can get a memory to take back. The pristine beaches and the Emerald lagoons are Thailand’s main attractions.  


Meeting new people

Meeting and greeting new people is another thing you do on a trip. It can increase the relationship between the people and the countries themselves. It is all about exploring and understanding their culture, values and traditions. You get to know it by just taking a stroll through the streets of Thailand. You can speak to the local people and vendors to learn more about them. 

Low-cost travel

Thailand is one of the low-cost travel destinations in the world. The food is so cheap, especially the street foods. It is so cheap that most Thai people prefer eating outside or take away. People enjoy shopping for different brands at budgeted rates. Also, many street vendors sell other foods, accessories, clothing etc., at low prices. Even the accommodation you choose here is comparatively cheap.  


Food Exploration

Thai cuisine is one of the world’s accepted cuisines. Thai green curry, Tom Yam Soup, Papaya Salad, Sticky rice etc., are well known across the globe. You can quickly get street and other local foods in the markets at a low price. Desserts like sticky mango rice and various jelly are all dessert items you can taste. The morning market is full of fruits and other fresh foods that you can explore.


Another reason for travelling is the festivals. Some people adore loudness, celebrations, and parties. These individuals frequently go to a nation during its festivals. One such nation is Thailand, where you may participate in many events like the vegetarian festival, the Pattaya music festival, the festival of the wonder fruit, etc. Other holidays observed in Thailand include the Chinese New Year, the Water Festival, and the Ghost Festival (Phi Ta Khon). 



Shopping is one fine reason for travelling. Many people travel for a good shopping experience. It is one of the best things one can experience while travelling. Thailand is such a country where you shop and shop. It is one of the cheapest countries where you can shop. World-class brands, as well as street shopping, are available here. You can buy as much as you can from these shops. Clothes, accessories, food etc., can be purchased from here. You can get the best silk and antique collections here. The floating market also sells several unique products.


Thai Massage is a renowned massage therapy blend of Yoga, Ayurveda and acupressure. It involves stretching and compressions. You can feel relaxed and rejuvenated after this massage. Qualified and trained persons do Thai massage. Many people travel to Thailand for this very massage.



Exploring wildlife is another reason for travelling. Thailand houses 10% of the world’s animals. Many mammal species, tigers, leopards, bears and elephants etc. Thailand is the land of white elephants. The elephant is their national animal and served as an essential icon in their wars and parades. 


Sightseeing and admiring beautiful and unique lands are the main reasons to travel. Many travellers admire the picturesque views. Some travel for adventures like mountain climbing, trekking etc. Thailand is a beautiful country where you can see mountains, beaches, rolling plains etc. The impressive waterfalls, charming lakes and water rides etc. These are all great reasons to visit Thailand.


Thailand’s main draw is its well-kept tourist destinations, delicious cuisine, ancient traditions, and shopping. The nation, also known as the Land of Smiles, never lets you down. It is one of the nations that receive the most travellers.