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Top 10 attractions you should explore in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian Nation with mountain ranges, pristine beaches and unique landscapes. The Country ranks with its class and sophistication. The cultural renaissance, traditions, nightlife, temples and elegant french architecture are all great attractions of Cambodia.

The tropical adventure Cambodia can offer is just breathtaking. The Angkor is a UNESCO-listed site for the world’s biggest religious structure and iconic temple.

This blog is all about the top attraction and beauty of Cambodia.

Top 10 places of attractions in Cambodia


Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is at the top of this list of sites to visit in Cambodia. The holy Angkor Wat is the main draw for tourists because it is the largest religious monument/structure in the world. Though it’s a beautiful idea to visit the temple at any time of day, early in the morning is by far the most memorable since you can see the dawn from behind the temple. The Angkor temples are inspirational and a token of pride for the Khmer people. Currently, the temples are a primary pilgrimage site for locals and a popular tourist attraction in Cambodia for those visiting.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s beach community accross the Gulf of Thailand. The beach is also known for snorkelling, kayaking and many more water sports activities. You can party and enjoy the nightlife to the core. One of Cambodia’s most attractive locations is the beach, where plenty of loungers and water activities are available day and night. The finest beach resort in the nation and a point of entry to the nearby stunning, uninhabited islands are all the assets of Cambodia.


Phnom Penh

The Country’s vibrant and energetic capital, Phnom Penh, is situated where the Bassac, Mekong, and Tonle Sap rivers converge. It draws travellers from around the globe who come to see its majestic temples and unique palaces. Here there are several beautiful places to explore.


This peaceful location is slowly but surely making its way to the top of Cambodia’s backpacker hotspots. The South China Sea and the delta are to the southeast of the Mekong River, which meanders in that direction. It’s simple to understand why budget tourists like it too; just picture low-cost wooden longhouses and rustic inns, historic ruins at Sambor, and local craft markets along the river. 


Siem Reap

Most tourists travel to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, this one has recently developed into a worthwhile destination due to increased visitors. You can explore a historic village with beautiful French residences and intriguing Chinese businesses. You can get a warm welcome from the visitors. The archaeology and the ruins are all important attractions of Cambodia. The place has night market life, silk farms, traditional craft shops etc. 

Koh Ker

It is an ancient temple northeast of Siem Reign town. Deep within the woods of Cambodia, this temple complex is 3 km long and consists of several places to visit. A vast defence system that dates back to the 10th century and shrines’ ruined remains are also visible. In a nutshell, this is an excellent replacement for Angkor Wat.



Traveler bars are located along the streets. There are several beautiful hotels to choose from; many tucked away between the bustling Central Market and the occasional Buddhist temple. Battambang houses many French colonial houses, old-style temples and Buddhist monasteries. Tourists can enjoy the bamboo train ride from the bank to the small village of O Srav.


Kep is a charming village that resembles a little beach town more closely than a city. You will encounter some of the most friendly people. One should visit Kep since it is a lesser-known tourist destination in Cambodia and is worth seeing. On the other side, Kep is recovering, and plenty of seafood restaurants and bars along the gorgeous stretches of powdered golden sand surrounding the Kep Peninsula. Try the renowned Kep crab, one of Cambodia’s most well-known dishes, as soon as you arrive in Kep.

Koh Thonsay-cambodia

Koh Thonsay

Koh Thonsay rabbit island is the gem of the province. All of the hotels and restaurants for tourists are on the main beach. Apart from that, the island has a small number of fishing homes. Even though a treatment hut is located directly on the coast, progress remains slow. The name Rabbit Island is derived from the island’s shape. It has all the natural splendour of a tropical island, with rows of swaying coconut trees and softly sloping golden dunes.

Krong Ta Khmau

This is the largest city in central Cambodia’s capital. One of the top tourist destinations in Cambodia is Krong Ta Khmau, which is only 11 kilometres from the nation’s capital. Numerous temples and pagodas are found, including the well-known Wat Kropeu, which looks out over the serene Wat Sang at the side of Lake Boeing Cheung Loung. It is a sight to behold since you feel like you are in another universe.

Krong Ta Khmau-cambodia


Cambodia, which is bordered by Vietnam to the east and Thailand to the northwest, is a place of elusive wildlife and exotic adventures. Visit well-known tourist destinations in Cambodia to travel through the ageless landscapes of this powerful kingdom of the Gods. 

The month of November provides the best season to visit Cambodia, as the weather is neither hot nor cold. Therefore, Cambodia’s well-known locations can be ideal for you if you’re looking for a location that mixes adventure, adrenaline, history, culture, and tropical tranquilly.