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Handpicked Destinations


Kashmir 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.23,500/- per person

Unwind the Paradise of India!! Get an exhilarating adventure trail to the land of snow. Take back a memory of a lifetime with the mouthwatering Kashmiri Kahwa!!

Shimla Kulumanali 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.19,500/- per person

Have fun on the ice!!! Pack your bag for a fantastic adventure in the snow! Experience the pleasant walking experience and enjoy the street food in Shimla and Kullu & Manali.

Delhi,Agra & Jaipur 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.18,500/- per person

Get hold of your breath to watch some amazing sights of the Golden Triangle of India! Visit and take an eternal memory to your home!

Sikkim & Darjeeling 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.27,500/- per person

Give yourself a pleasant summer retreat!! Make a memorable journey to the tea hub of India and feel it!

Andaman 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.18,500/- per person

Off to the island, we go!! Experience your beachy vacations with several dine-in options and mind blowing water activities!

Goa 03N 04D, Price Starts from Rs.10,500/- per person

Explore the best beaches in India!! Travel to the mind blowing land of nightlife and mouthwatering beach cuisines!!

Leh & ladakh 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.22,500/- per person

Let the Mountains get your way!! Feel the picturesque landscapes and enjoy stunning adventure activities in Leh/Ladak!!

Rajasthan 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.19,500/- per person

Plan your next trip to the land of colours!! The deserted Rajasthan offers a brand new place for shopping and exciting cuisines.

Coorg and Masanagudi 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.20,800/- per person

Enjoy a mountainous holiday!! Explore the vibrant climate and enjoy homemade chocolates and hot tea!



Turkey 05N 06D, Price Starts from Rs.34,500/- per person

Imagine travelling to the land of culture and food!!! Astonishing Turkey will not just wonder you but also give you a new world of happiness!!!

Dubai 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.38,500/- per person

Get lost in the perfect dreamy destination of the world with your loved ones!!! Dubai is just a click away, waiting for your esteemed presence!

Maldives 03N 04D, Price Starts from Rs.55,500/- per person

Escape to Maldive for a romantic retreat!!! Get your nerves on for the beaches and water resorts and make an enchanting memory to cherish!

Vietnam 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.28,500/- per person

Hop on to some of the hottest picks of the year! Vietnam offers you some grand places to dine in and explore the classic hidden cultures and places.

Phuket 03N 04D, Price Starts from Rs.19,500/- per person

Unwind a beach holiday travelling to Phuket! This island destination is no less than a Paradise on earth with white sandy beaches all around!!

Singapore 03N 04D, Price Starts from Rs.28,500/- per person

Pack your bag to scout the land of shopping and Fun!! Visit some hand-picked locations in Singapore to take back a lifetime memory!!

Mauritius 04N 05D, Price Starts from Rs.32,900/- per person

Treat yourself to the discoveries of nature!! Stunning Mauritius will get you to experience scenic landscapes and lip-smacking sea foods.

Switzerland & Paris 06N 07D, Price Starts from Rs.82,500/- per person

Get a relaxing holiday experiencing the top places in Switzerland & Paris in one go!!!

Spain 07N 08D, Price Starts from Rs.76,500/- per person

Visit the land of Bulls!! Experience the major places with a team of experts! Enjoy the tomato festival, sightseeing, and more!!!

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