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Never Miss these top 10 Destinations in Guyana 2023

Welcome to Guyana – a hidden gem located on the northeastern coast of South America. Its stunning natural beauty, lively culture, and friendly locals will captivate you. As the “Land of Many Waters,” Guyana boasts unparalleled wonders. As you explore this untouched land, you’ll experience peace and calm unlike anywhere else.


Experience the beauty of Guyana’s unspoiled rainforests, surrounded by vibrant greenery and diverse wildlife. Observe the incredible forces of nature as water cascades into the depths, producing a mesmerizing misty display that will leave you in awe.

A Paradise Awaiting your Exploration!

Explore the depths of the rainforest, where jaguars, giant otters, and colourful macaws roam freely in their natural habitat. Discover Guyana’s wonders by taking a less travelled path and uncovering hidden treasures. Embrace the beauty and charm of this place and embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration. Guyana welcomes you with open arms to experience an untouched world!



Georgetown, Guyana’s coastal city and capital, is a fantastic place to begin your adventure. As a sightseer’s paradise, it offers a variety of attractions to visit, such as St. George’s Cathedral, City Hall, and the Castellani House, which houses the National Art Gallery. Take in the intricate details of City Hall and the iconic Stabroek Market, which buzzes with activity and showcases a kaleidoscope of colours and aromas. As you wander the charming streets, see the elegant facades of colonial buildings line its boulevards. If you’re looking for a quiet moment, visit the peaceful Georgetown Botanical Gardens.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by this remarkable city and let it create memories that will last a lifetime!

Kaieteur Falls

Experience the breathtaking natural wonder of Kaieteur Falls, one of the world’s largest and most powerful waterfalls. Cascading down a sheer drop of over 750 feet, it’s almost five times the height of Niagara Falls! Hidden deep within Guyana’s rainforest, this majestic waterfall is surrounded by untouched wilderness and teeming with exotic flora and fauna. As you approach the edge, you’ll feel the mist on your skin and hear the thunderous roar echoing through the canyon. This mesmerizing and awe-inspiring experience will leave you breathless and stay with you forever.

Witness nature’s power and beauty as the water plummets into the emerald pool!


Shell Beach

Welcome to Shell Beach, a pristine paradise along Guyana’s untouched Atlantic coastline. This breathtaking 90-mile-long attraction boasts an abundance of seashells and is home to nesting sea turtles. Witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the endangered sea turtles laying their eggs and watch the release of hatchlings for an unforgettable experience. This enchanting coastal paradise is tentatively known for its unspoiled beauty. Immerse yourself in the surreal landscape and let the gentle sea breeze caress your face as you stroll along the pristine shores and feel the warm sand between your toes.

Come and embrace the tranquillity of Shell Beach and immerse yourself in its captivating wonders.


Surama is a charming village in the heart of Guyana’s pristine rainforest. Join us on guided hikes through lush rainforest trails, where you’ll encounter hidden waterfalls, crystal-clear streams, and serene pools – perfect for a refreshing dip. Watch out for the diverse wildlife, from colourful birds to elusive jaguars. Enjoy the soothing sounds of traditional music and dance under the starry night sky. For a truly unique experience, spend a night in a traditional community-owned eco-lodge surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest. Wake up to the melodies of birdsong and embark on an early morning bird-watching excursion.

Connect with nature to leave an indelible mark on your soul!



Discover the untouched beauty of Rewa, a remote and pristine destination. Immerse yourself in the enchanting wonders of this place by exploring the meandering Rewa River, home to lush greenery and vibrant wildlife. While navigating the pristine waters, you might encounter majestic creatures like giant river otters and black caimans. You can also trek through dense rainforest trails, where exotic birds and elusive jaguars reside. Engage with the indigenous Makushi community, who will share their deep connection to the land and ancient traditions. Experience the serenity of the rainforest, the melodies of nature, and the authentic warmth of Rewa.

Let this extraordinary destination captivate your soul!

Promenade Garden

Welcome to Promenade Garden, located in the heart of Georgetown, Guyana. This beautiful destination is an urban oasis that provides a peaceful and calming experience. The garden is full of vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and the soothing sound of fountains. You can stroll along the winding paths, surrounded by well-manicured lawns and colourful displays of tropical plants. Relax on shaded benches and enjoy the peaceful ambience. The garden also features ornate sculptures and art installations that add to its charm. If you want to connect with nature, Promenade Garden is the perfect escape that offers beauty and serenity!


Orinduik Falls

The breathtaking Orinduik Falls is a natural wonder located in the remote savannah of Guyana. Visitors marvel at the cascading beauty of this hidden gem, where clear waters gracefully tumble over rock formations, creating a mesmerizing display. A refreshing dip in the cool pools is a must, and immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness. Let the tranquil sounds of rushing water and chirping birds transport you to pure bliss. Surround yourself with towering trees and exotic wildlife as you explore the area. Orinduik Falls is the perfect serene escape, inviting you to connect with nature and bask in the awe-inspiring splendour that only Mother Earth can provide!

Canopy Walkway

Visitors seeking adventure will be delighted to explore Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, an exciting canopy adventure in a rainforest reserve. Once you’ve ventured beyond the forest trail, you’ll discover a series of 30-meter suspension bridges that are 154 meters long. This platform offers a spectacular view of the upper canopy, where you might spot curious birds. Ascend into the treetops of Guyana’s lush jungle, where a network of suspended walkways awaits you. You’ll feel an exhilarating rush as you traverse the swaying bridges, surrounded by a tapestry of green foliage and the symphony of tropical birdcalls. Experience the enchantment of the canopy’s inhabitants, such as playful monkeys and vibrant butterflies.

The beauty and grandeur of the rainforest will elevate your senses!


Demerara Distillers

Guyana has more than just beautiful nature spots to be proud of; it also boasts El Dorado Rum, produced by Demerara Distillers, a renowned institution dating back to 1670. Visitors can explore the distillery’s museum to learn about the local distilling industry and the rum-making process. You can experience the meticulous distillation process firsthand, inhaling the enticing aromas and savouring the unique flavours that make each rum distinct. You can also indulge in tastings, immersing your palate in the smoothness and complexity that only Demerara Rum can offer. Demerara Distillers invites you to appreciate the artistry and legacy of this exceptional spirit, leaving you with an awe for the world of rum-making.

Here comes Rum-making to life!


Welcome to Lethem, a picturesque town situated on the border of Guyana and Brazil, where you can experience a blend of adventure and culture. Stroll through the lively markets bustling with energy from cross-border trade and showcasing an array of crafts and goods. Indulge in the rich Indigenous culture by connecting with the local Macushi and Wapishana communities. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Rupununi Savannah, with its sprawling grasslands and diverse wildlife. Embark on thrilling expeditions, from river safaris along the Takutu River to exploring the awe-inspiring Kanuku Mountains. Lethem is your gateway to unforgettable experiences, where you can enjoy the harmony between nature, culture, and the warm hospitality of its people!


Experience the irresistible allure of Guyana, where you’ll discover a world of untouched rainforests teeming with biodiversity, majestic waterfalls cascading into emerald pools, and vibrant cultures seamlessly intertwined. Embark on an unforgettable adventure, traversing pristine rivers, scaling mist-shrouded mountains, and encountering rare wildlife. Whether you’re seeking awe-inspiring natural wonders, cultural immersion, or off-the-beaten-path exploration, Guyana offers a tapestry of beauty, serenity, and boundless opportunities that must be experienced to be believed!