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Never miss these Indian cuisines

Life’s too short for boring food


Food Travel is one of the essential things in one’s life. Travelling to experience and sample various cuisines is one of the most popular trends in the world today. Many people want to visit new cities and try their local cuisine. It’s pretty typical for tourists to go to stay and eat the local cuisine.

Indian food has a global reputation. Everyone loves our home-made Roti, Dal, Sabzi, and other dishes and how we use spices properly. The biggest draws of India are the traditional and genuine meals prepared in the countryside. Even famous are the street cuisines in places like Delhi and Goa. The most classic authentic dishes are quite dissimilar from one another. Every state and district’s cuisine is unique in some way.

Some of the authentic dishes cooked and served in India across different places are:


Makki Ki roti & Sarson Da Sag

This is the most popular dish in Punjab. The bread is made out of corn and is very delicious. A piece of butter is placed on the ‘Roti’ to enhance the taste. It is served the ‘Sarson’, which means mustard greens. So it is served with corn flatbread with green mustard curry. A small bite of jaggery balances the sweet and salty food. It is an ultimate nutritious powerhouse of calcium, iron, zinc, etc. These are readily available in any part of Punjab. 

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a well-known dish in Maharashtra. It is a wholewheat paratha stuffed with sweet chana dal. It is a special dish made during Ganesha Chaturthi or Diwali. The sweet Puran poli is made on auspicious occasions in Maharashtra. You can get this in hotels which serve North Indian food.


Khorisa Maas From Assam

This s a very traditional food in Assam. The dish is made with fish and bamboo shoots. It is summer food. The young shoots of bamboo added to the fish curry gives a sour taste. This food is very healthy and is indeed a weight loss recipe. It can improve your immunity and gives you a good heart. Bamboo shoots are often preserved in fermented or pickled form.

Tilkut From Bihar

Bihar is the place where Tilkut is created. Jaggery, sugar, or sesame are the ingredients. On the optimistic day of Makar Sankranti, this confection is made. This dish also contains a lot of nuts.


Misa Mach Poora From Mizoram

This is a northeastern dish made of grilled shrimps. It is another seafood lovers’ favourite. It is a beautiful side dish to rice. You only need a few essential items to prepare this. The dish is easily accessible throughout Mizoram and its neighbouring states. Travellers for sure will try this and take a good memory back.

Puttu & Kadala

Puttu & Kadala is the signature dish of Kerala. Puttu is a steamed cake usually made for breakfast. The Puttu can be made with rice flour, wheat flour, corn, ragi etc. The rice Puttu is the most popular one among these. ‘Kadala’ is the black dal used to make curry. The best combination to the Puttu is Kadala curry, often accompanied by a banana and papad. This is one of the most healthy breakfasts that you will ever get. Many travellers visit Kerala solely to eat this signature dish. The steamed caked with grated coconut on top is everyone’s favourite.


Appam & Stew

Appam and stew are another breakfast delicacy of Kerala. Appam is made out of fermented rice and coconut batter. Here, the primary fermenting agent is toddy or yeast. It is among the world’s most nutrient-dense foods. The combination of gravy eaten with is called Appam. Either veggies or any type of meat may be used in a stew

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is the traditional gravy made out of chicken and other vegetables in India. This is mainly found in the Northern side of India but is available in almost all restaurants in India. The sweet and savoury gravy is no doubt the favourite of every Indian. People usually have it with Roti (pieces of bread) and rice. The splendid spread of butter and other spices makes it a delightful treat.


Matar paneer

This is a vegan, North Indian dish which is very popular a month in the northern states of India. The dish is made out of cotton cheese combined with a lot of spices. The peas added to the tomato base are the main attraction of this dish. The slightly sweet gravy with peas and fresh cheese brings new joy to your tastebuds. The vegans can sure have fun tasting this.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a Kashmiri food prepared with meat. The thick curry is made out of fresh meat and a lot of spices. It is a side dish to Roti or rice. It is usually made with lamb and is a very aromatic dish. So anyone visiting Kashmir should try this and take your memory back.


Pani puri

Pani puri is one of India’s signature dishes, especially in the Northern states. Due to its fame, it is also available in all parts of the country. The Pani puri is usually puris dipped in mint and tamarind chutneys. It is one of the street foods and is also known as chaats. You get to taste different chaats in different names in India. Now readymade Pani puris along with chutneys are also available in the markets. The different chaats are Dahi puri, Bhel puri, samosa chaats etc.

Dal makhani from Punjab

The dish Dal Makhani is unparalleled. It is a traditional lentil dish served at weddings and other special events as part of most Indian dinners. Essentially a cuisine from the north of India, it now fits nicely on the menus of Mughlai and north Indian restaurants both inside India and abroad. It is made out of different Dals.


In short, food is not something to satisfy our hunger but to feel, explore and experience. Travelling and exploring different kinds of food and taking food blogs are the trend these days. You can see a lot of foods posted on social media every day. Some items are untouched and unexplored. So, travel and treat your taste buds.