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Never forget these 10 tips while travelling to Thailand

The land of ‘White Elephants’ has more to explore than visit! Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia, where several visitors wish to travel. This ‘bucket list’ destination is home to many wonderful beaches, natural landscapes & reserves, monasteries, Temples, palaces and much more.

Thailand is the perfect spot for long-term travel and cheap dining. The exotic culture and vibrant tourism infrastructure make you feel you have stepped into another world. Here are some tips to be considered while travelling to Thailand.

Things to be considered while travelling to Thailand

There are many things to be considered while travelling to Thailand. It is always better to be well prepared than less prepared. Here are some travel tips to be considered before travelling to Thailand.


Pack Well

Be prepared and pack well before leaving for a trip. Research the travelling conditions of the country, like climate, people, culture, lodging facilities, food etc., before travelling. This helps to plan and purchase things and accessories accordingly. There are some dress codes to be strictly followed when you visit the temples and monasteries in Thailand. Men and women must wear sleeved clothes. The midriffs and ankles should be covered. Men are required to wear long trousers & women should also wear long skirts or long trousers inside the temple.

Respect the culture & people

Thailand has rich culture and heritage. Thai people are known for their welcoming and soft-spoken nature. Knowing the country’s culture and heritage are very important when you travel to that country. Respecting the people and their dress code is also very important when in Thailand. In Thailand, the head is regarded as the most sacred of all, and you are not supposed to touch a Thail people’s head. Also, you are not allowed to point your feet towards anyone or the statue of Budha. Give respect to all cultures to enjoy a pleasant journey!


Carry the essentials

While packing your bags for Thailand, always carry the essentials like sunscreen, sandals, beach costumes, water bottles etc. Getting your umbrella or raincoat will be essential if you travel in the rainy season. An umbrella can even protect you from the burning sun. Mobile chargers and adapters, even while sightseeing, will help. Getting yourself a local tourist sim card may also help if your travel is a little long. Get safe custody of your passport, as you must carry a passport while travelling as a foreigner.

Travel Insurance

Even if Thailand is safe, robbery and mishap can happen. Travel insurance is an essential requirement for your trip to Thailand and your vacations. Anything like pickpocketing, accidents, food poisoning, delayed flights etc., will be covered under travel insurance. The Medical services might be too pricey if you don’t have travel insurance. When visiting another nation, taking measures is usually a good idea.


Carry Cash

It is always advised to carry cash in Thailand because Thailand has more street vendors. Even though some places accept debit and credit cards, taking cash will always be necessary for many situations. Aside from groceries and street food, you’ll need money for shopping, public transportation, and tuk-tuk rides. It is best to withdraw odd sums to obtain lesser change. Also, maintain the cash notes in good order since Thais are highly picky about it.

Use public transport

The public transport system in Thailand is very cheap. Download any taxi apps on your phone to know the taxi and boat schedules and book them. Use public buses for short distances. Travel in a Tuk Tuk and pay it in advance, knowing the distance of the journey. Always know the distances of the travel before entering into public transport. At the same time, it is the cheapest mode of transport in Thailand.


Go Shopping

Shopping is one of the best things to do in Thailand. Shopping in the markets is way cheap compared to other countries. Visit the local market to know the place’s special products, food, clothing, antiques etc. Learn to bargain and shop, as it can make a massive difference in the prices of the products. A good rule of thumb is to browse around first, compare prices from other sellers, and then return to where you received the most excellent deal. When bargaining, a decent rule of thumb is to reduce the asking price by 40% and then try to establish common ground. If the merchant refuses to budget, leave. They will frequently contact you back if there is space for discussion.

Enjoy the nightlife

The vibrant nightlife is one of the best attractions in Thailand. If you believed that you had experienced all of the best party nights, a trip to Thailand will rapidly alter your opinion. It is less than a surprise that Thailand’s nightlife is one of the most well-known in the world. Thailand provides everything for a fantastic nightlife experience, from high-energy clubs and go-go bars to night markets and street cuisine. So, if you’re planning a trip to Thailand with your partner or friends, you’re in for a treat! 


Enjoy the street foods

This isn’t simply travelling advice for Thailand; it’s a must-try. Thailand is famous for its delectable street cuisine. Don’t be afraid to indulge in a few street snacks while here. This is also a less expensive daily dining alternative. Beware of the hygienic conditions of street foods. Visitors should be able to reasonably infer which food vendors they should feel free to order from and which ones they should stay away from.

During your trip

To prevent pickpocketing and small-scale theft, use caution when walking through busy marketplaces, shopping centres, and on public transportation. Don’t neglect your possessions, and take care of them. Steer clear of brokers and touts that provide unauthorised services, advice, or unrealistic promises. Make sure you know the country well before you travel.



The ‘Land of smiles’ has a lot to offer when it comes to a planned trip. Thailand is one of the most alluring places on earth, whether you go for the food, the old temples, the lovely beaches, the lush jungles, or the busy metropolis.

It might be challenging to plan your first vacation to Thailand. There are many things to think about, from choosing when and where to travel to what to carry and avoid. But visiting this land is just divine!!!