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Looking for a getaway? Here are 10 destinations you should visit in Mauritius.

Mauritius is an island nation with beautiful beaches all around. The first picture that ever occurs to you when you think of this picturesque island nation are tumbling waterfalls hidden by dense rainforests, volcanic crater lakes decorated with multicoloured Hindu idols, and verdant tea estates. Often stated as the dream honeymoon destination, the beach and the luxury resorts overlooks the islands.


In addition to the area’s famed beaches, lagoons, and reefs, it is also noted for its rainforests, waterfalls, hiking routes, and wildlife. Additionally, it yields the best fruit and sugar jams.

The Republic of Mauritius experiences a year-round warm tropical marine climate. The country feels humid in summer from November to April and a cold-weather from June to September. The ideal time of the year to travel to Mauritius is in October due to its dry and warm weather.

This blog is about stunning Mauritius and its beautiful attractions.

The 10 most visited tourist spots in Mauritius

Sparkling like a gem, Mauritius is well known for its beaches. The rolling valleys and the beautiful landscapes make Mauritius even more beautiful. Listed below are the most attractive and travelled places of Mauritius.


Ile aux Cerfs

Ille aux Cerf is a picturesque island spread over Mauritius, famous for its white sandy beaches. It also offers the best hotels, resorts and beach activities. This island is spread over 100 acres. The island is covered in lush, natural vegetation, has an undulating topography, and is home to several volcanic rock outcrops. The sandy beaches, stunning lagoon, and other related activities have increased the place’s popularity. Ile aux Cerfs Island, regarded as a water sports paradise, offers a variety of water activities, including swimming, snorkelling, water skiing, glass-bottom boats, and more. Beautiful and teeming with marine life, the coral reef makes for an excellent snorkelling location because of the giant, black boulders that stick out into the water.

Black River Gorges National Park

This national park is in the hilly southwestern part of Mauritius. It includes natural reserves filled with hiking trails to observe the indigenous forests and a variety of wildlife. Over 30 million tracks are provided here, and hiking is the main activity. The park is home to various indigenous plants and animals, such as the Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius kestrel, pink pigeon, Mauritius parakeet, cuckoo-shrike etc. Mauritius Bulbul and many rare species can be found in the park while visiting. This national park also provides 50km of hiking trails.

blue-sea-and-white-sand-and coconut-trees

Pereybere beach

This is a white sandy beach where you can see crystal clear water. You can swim and enjoy it because the place is not so sunny because of the shade everywhere. Pareybere is a very calm beach where you can enjoy different fun water activities. You can enjoy deep-diving and snorkelling with the help of trained experts. This beach cannot be missed as plenty of resorts and eating outlets are nearby. Tourists can enjoy strolling and shopping in the nearby markets.

Le Caudan waterfront

Le Caudan is a business complex Waterfront located in Port Louis, Mauritius’s capital. Additionally, it has stores, banking options, casinos, theatres, dining options, a marina, and a five-star hotel. Le Caudan Waterfront has several well-known locations with significant historical significance. The Food Court and Namast√© restaurant are housed in the first meteorological observatory of the Indian Ocean. On the island of Mauritius, Caudan, as it is now referred to, was the first significant shopping complex of its kind. It is a well-known retail centre for locals and visitors today. The Craft Market, a well-liked arts and crafts market, speciality stores selling distinctive locally produced goods like replica ships, Indian clothing, locally made jewellery, or artwork paintings from local artists can all be found in the mall. Visitors can also find the newest fashion shops and trends there.


Le Pouce

It is the third-largest mountain in Mauritius. Le Pounce can be viewed from the capital of Mauritius. It is a thumb-shaped mountain, and people come here for hiking. It is located in the central region of Mauritius. This island features a volcanic belt. This place is also grown with Accasia and Guava, a rare plant in Mauritius. In short, this is a total natural reserve formed 10 million years ago due to a volcanic eruption. 

Port Louis Central market Mauritius

During your visit, include some time for urban exploration with Port Louis, the nation’s capital. Particularly for those who have chosen to stay in a resort, this small capital provides a fascinating glimpse into everyday life on the island. Le Caudan Waterfront is a great place to walk because it has many pubs and restaurants where you can relax along the water and colourful umbrellas hanging over the walkways where people shop. The central market is one of the best places to discover and enjoy the city’s flavours. The action is on the ground floor, filled with colourful fruits, vegetables, tea, snacks from the countryside, local fabrics, and crafts.


Belle Mare Plage Beach

This beach is stunning, and you can walk miles through the beach. There are championship golf courses, posh resorts, and a family-friendly water park. This beach is the best option for enjoying a sunrise. Experienced swimmers can swim here because the current here is higher than on other beaches. Tourists can enjoy private beach resorts and luxury apartments. There are several eateries which sell authentic Mauritian dishes. You can take a stroll around and enjoy the offshore coral reefs.

Ganga Talao - Grand Bassin

This place is considered a holy place with a 108 ft statue of Lord Shiva watching the people of Mauritius. One of the most significant Hindu pilgrimage sites outside of India is Ganga Talao, which is regarded as the most sacred spot for Hindus in Mauritius. The Sagar Shiv Mandir, which honours Lord Shiva, is situated on the lake’s edge. Along the Grand Bassin, temples are devoted to other deities, such as Lord Hanuman, Goddess Ganga, and Lord Ganesh. Many devotees in Mauritius stroll barefoot from their homes to the lake during Shivaratri.


Rochester Falls

Rochester fall is another stunning destination of Mauritius. Splashing around the cold waters is a great thing to relax and enjoy in the morning. Tourists can drive along the muddy pathways and fields nearby. It is an off-road ride in the mud but a must-see waterfall. You can also get sugar cane and tender coconut to taste. This 10m cascading waterfall will have your heart when returning. The Savanne region of Mauritius is home to this rectangular rock waterfall.

Chamarel Rhumerie

It is not a surprise that one of the top sites to visit in Mauritius is a rum distillery, as sugar cane is grown all around the island. The Chamarel Rhumierie on the southwest coast offers a classy tour and tasting experience, complete with expansive gardens, production areas, and the crucial tasting room where straight pours and shaken drinks are given. The distillery offers a guided tour and tasting section of Mauritian rums and some jams.



There is no denying that Mauritius has stunning beaches. Aside from its shores, Mauritius is known for its captivating mountainous scenery, sweeping valleys, a dormant volcano, and conveniently accessible waterfalls, all of which contribute to the island’s allure and appeal as a travel destination. You will undoubtedly be charmed by this country’s incredible aesthetics and natural beauty. In Mauritius, there are a lot of tourist attractions, and they all are worth visiting.