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Famous Foods in Dubai That You Must Try

Never miss these foods in Dubai – one of the most charming city with destinations to explore


The food exploration of Dubai is not less though. You get to explore and taste a lot of cuisines from Dubai. The authentic Arabic cuisines along with some exciting and well presented international cuisines are the favourites if anyone visiting Dubai. In this blog, let’s explore some authentic, tradition yet very unique cuisines of Dubai.

Some of the popular dishes are:



Kunafa is one of the most popular and delicious desserts in the middle east.
Kunafa has a creamy, cheesy and sweet texture which is everyone’s favourite. The nuts crushed on the top add to its taste. You can get it on many surfaces like chocolate, Nutella etc. The dish is orange, and the nuts give it a green colour. 


Harees is a wholewheat, chicken or meat Ramdan recipe, which is a delicacy among the locals. It is long-cooked whole wheat in a large vessel and topped with ghee or olive oil. The food is creamy, salty and packed with many nutrients. Almost every house in UAE cooks this special dish during Ramdan and special occasions. Some hotels also serve Harees on their menu. 



Manakish is a popular dish in UAE with lots of nutrients packed. The dish is a flattened bread stuffed with cheese, herbs or meat like pizza. t is traditionally prepared on large stones, heated up; meanwhile, the Manakish cooks. It is more like a savoury pizza but with fewer vegetables on top. 


Luqaimat is a sweet dumpling cooked in refined flour and sugar syrup. This dessert is so popular in Dubai. It is like cooking doughnuts. The flour is added with yeast to ferment and then fried in oil. This dumpling is made on auspicious occasions like Ramadan, Eid etc.



Ramadan-only food known as Fareed blends stew elements such as meat, vegetables, and other spices. It comprises layers of vegetables, meat broth, and crispy, flattened crapes. The heart is well cooked, and when it is topped with the crape, the meal is brought to a new level. 


Falafel is deep-fried patties made of white chickpeas. It is an authentic Arabic dish which is very delicious to munch. You can consume it as such or make shawarma (sandwich) out of it. The dish contains many nutrients and proteins. The dish originated in Egypt but has become very popular among middle Eastern countries. It is a must-try item while you visit Dubai.



It is a local rice dish which is slow-cooked with chicken or meat. It is packed with many spices. This rice recipe smells so good that your mouth starts to water. Never miss this rice recipe on your trip. It will be available in almost all restaurants.

Kahwa & dates

Kahwa is the authentic drink of the Arab people. Kahwa is often drunk with dates. Dates, cookies, Omani halwa etc. are the things eaten along with it. During the wedding and other auspicious occasions, Kahwa is served. The drink is made with coffee beans and various spices. Almost all restaurants and Arabic cafes sell this drink.



The Middle East is home to many fans of shawarma cuisine. It is a specific form of grilled beef, chicken, or falafel that includes other vegetables. It has also grown in popularity in India. However, authentic dish dates back to the Arab nations. You may sample it at any neighbourhood eatery in Dubai.

Camel Meat

Camel meat roasted or grilled is another popular dish among the Arabs. They make many rice dishes, stuffed camel etc. with it. A popular dish known as Harees and Fareed is all made with camel meat.

Dubai is famous not only for the destination to visit and enjoy but also for the food. The international and local cuisines served here are all beautiful experiences for one’s taste buds. The regional cuisines of UAE are one of the most celebrated food in the world. Most foreign travellers taste the local, authentic dishes. It will surely give you a memory to take back.