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Explore the Top Places to Visit in Peru | Get Ready for an Unforgettable Trip!

Peru is a South American country with an adverse cultural and adventure heritage. It is home to a section of the Amazon rainforest and Mach Picchu- an ancient mountainous city. 

The capital city Lima is a preserved colonial centre. Peru is one of the most distinctive travel destinations on the continent due to the variety of terrain, the people, and the experiences. 

The climate of Peru is 24 degrees on average which likely attracts tourists. The ideal time to visit the country is during the dry season, from May-October. This time of the year is mostly sunny. 

This blog is all about the major attractions of Peru.

Major attractions of Peru

Peru is rich in history, culture, natural beauty, and adventure, offering various travel options. One of the highlights of any journey to South America is visiting the historic Inca City of Machu Picchu, but Peru has much more to explore.

Listed below are some of the major attractions of Peru.


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is among Peru’s most well-known tourist destinations. There are famous Inca fortress ruins there. The most enjoyable activity in this location is hiking and exploring the breathtaking ruins, which are renowned for their beauty. Machu Picchu is one of the most mind-blowing settings for a deserted city worldwide. The spectacular backdrop of steep, luxuriant, and frequently covered mountains is almost as magnificent as the ruins themselves. The two months immediately before and after the primary season, which runs from June to August, are also pleasant and can be lovely times to travel when there are fewer tourists.

Inca Trial

The Inca Trial is a 4 days hiking area that is seamlessly the tourists’ favourite spot. It’s the most rewarding thing to do in Peru. The trek travels through breathtaking surroundings and more than 30 Inca ruins. The hiking should be reserved in advance and booked with an agency. Depending on their tour type, hikers can either carry their backpacks or have them transported for them. The number of hikers and porters allowed on the trek daily is closely regulated.



Lima is Peru’s bustling capital, which has the heart of city life. The colonial building, bars, museums and lively ambience are the best in the country. Although Peru’s capital city has been created as a bustling urban city, the colonial centre has been preserved. One major urban centre in South America is one of bigness. This location, rich in history, is well-known for its pre-Columbian artwork and 16th-century church. Lima, Peru, has so many attractions; including it on your schedule is a must.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca’s sparkling blue lake is encircled by undulating hills and traditional tiny communities. The lake region stands out from other parts of the nation due to its stunning beauty and unique culture. The highest accessible lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, is located at a height of 3,820 metres above sea level. One of the main attractions is the Uros Floating Islands which has small communities of Uros Indias. These are man-made islands which are sustained most traditionally since the time of the Incas. The city of Puno, where lodging options, dining options, and travel services are located, is the main entry point to Lake Titicaca. The nearby city of Juliaca offers flights into and out of Puno and railroads, buses, and taxis.

The sacred valley

The picturesque Sacred Valley and the cities of Pisac, Urubamba, and Ollantaytambo are only a short drive north of Cusco. In addition to being a tranquil place to spend some time browsing markets or learning about the local culture, this rich valley is home to numerous Inca ruins worth exploring. You can find amazing local handicrafts here. The main attraction here is the complex layout of the salt mines. Water with a high salt content enters the mine by a spring at the top and travels through a complex network of canals and square evaporation ponds. This is a spot for photography lovers.


Ollantaytambo Ruins is a location that wonderfully exemplifies the rich history of an Incan conflict. It is here that the Incan defeated Spanish invaders. In the 15th century, this area served as a royal domain. Ollantaytambo, situated in the Sacred Valley by the Patakancha River, served as the Incan people’s final fortress during the conflict. This site is one of the best spots to visit in Peru due to its rocky and arid terrain. It is a photographic spot imposing a ruined tower on the top. Highlights include the stunning Bath of the Princess and the Wall of the Six Monoliths. The Pinkuylluna, a historic storehouse, and the Pumatillis Terraces are nearby.



Maras salt mines date back to Incan times. Located in the renowned valley of the Incas, Maras is one of the top attractions of Peru. You may view the beautiful scenery from all four directions on this location’s paths. One of the most incredible spots to visit in Peru is Maras, well known for its salt mines, which have been gaining importance for centuries.

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are an unusual line that will leave you in pure astonishment. These lines were not discovered until 1920. It has distinct patterns and continues to mystify. Nazca is the main town in Nazca Province and is situated on the southern coast. The Nazca civilisation, thriving about 100 BC, is where the term “Nazca” originated. Seventy plants, animal designs, hundreds of lines, and other geometrical shapes can all be seen from the air. These lines are dispersed throughout hundreds of square kilometres, some reaching lengths of up to ten kilometres.


Arequipa's Historic City Center

At almost 2,300 metres, Arequipa is frequently referred to be Peru’s most stunning city. The city core is a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Old buildings in Arequipa made of Sillar stone, a volcanic rock that glows brightly in the sunlight, are the city’s primary source of fame. The majority of the colonial structures in the old city centre are constructed from this stone, earning it the moniker “white city”.

Lima's Historical Center

This place is a UNESCO-listed heritage site. The city was established in the 1500s, and even though many of the original buildings were demolished, it still has great historical significance and is a lovely area to stroll around. One of the main attractions is the Plaza De Armas in the city’s heart. The Government Palace and the church on the east side of the Plaza de Armas are the area’s features. Jiron de la Union, a pedestrian street of the square, is lined with stores, eateries, and the famed Iglesia de La Merced.



Peru is a full-on package for visitors. With the Inca Empire’s ruins, breathtaking scenery, beaches, and nightlife, no matter what kind of traveller you are, there is always something to keep you busy. You’ll need to carefully arrange your itinerary because there are so many beautiful spots in Peru.