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Dream Destinations for your honeymoon in South India

A mesmerizing honeymoon trip is the best memory to keep in one’s entire life. 

The ideal memory to cherish throughout one’s entire life is a going on a  honeymoon trip. It is wonderful to travel to your dream location with the nicest person ever. Your travel is stress-free and enjoyable.

The place to go varies from person to person. The couples’ preferences and interests may differ in a number of ways. The most frequently picked locations are those with snowfall, such as Kulu, Manali, Switzerland, England, etc. Beach vacation spots like Goa, the Maldives, and Mauritius are also popular.

All around the world, there are several customized tour packages. Couples seeking adventure, romance, wellness, and ecotourism are treated accordingly.  

The best destinations for a Honeymoon trip in South India

There are numerous places in India for the best honeymoon. You can enjoy your trip to various locations under various climatic conditions. The weather itself seems to be beautiful and relaxing. The most popular destinations for honeymoon are:



Munnar is a hill station in the southwestern region of Kerala. It is surrounded by rolling hill stations and tea plantations established in the late 19th century. It is one of the most incredible places in Kerala to visit. People from around the state and the country visit this place every year. The Virgin forests, savannah, rolling hills, scenic valleys, numerous streams, huge, splashy waterfalls, tea plantations and bending walkways are all part of the great holiday experience for a traveller in Munnar. Munnar is also known for Neelakurinji, a rare plant which flowers only once in twelve years. The climate is wet and muggy. It is mild and pleasant during the winters. 

  Things to do in Munnar


  1. Treehouse stays: It is eco-friendly to stay n top of the trees with all the luxuries. You can watch the tea plantation from a height here. So never miss this stay when you visit Munnar.
  2. Tea estate tours are the most common activity when visiting Munnar. Take a tour through the tea estates of Munnar, which is a breathtaking experience. The zig-zag paths across the plantations are jaw-dropping.
  3. Echo point-camping and trekking: Munnar has plenty of adventure tourism activities. One of them is trekking. An echo point is a place where voice resonance occurs naturally. So trekking to this fantastic place is a pleasant thing to do in Munnar. You can also camp here.
  4. Suryanelli– mountain biking: Another popular activity in Munnar is mountain biking. Riding bikes through various hairpin bends and meadows is the ultimate fun.
  5. Rock climbing: Rope climbing and rappelling are the two major things done in Munnar as it is abundant with hilly landscapes. The National Adventure Foundation organizes rock climbing, rappelling activities, and other adventures in Munnar.
  6. Shikara rides: Pedal boating, row boating and shikhara rides are other things you can enjoy visiting Munnar.
  7. Take an elephant safari: This is one of Munnar’s most popular tourist attractions. Here you can take an elephant ride of 10-15 minutes. It will be a fascination to the kids.
  8. Enjoy therapy: Enjoy ayurvedic spas and treatments for a rejuvenated body and mind. You can avail of these treatments from various spas and wellness centres.
  9. Shopping: Go street shopping for various items like tea, coffee and spices. It is the best area to buy different flavours of tea as they are suitable from the factory.
  10. Try Kerala cuisine: Try authentic local cuisine to give your tastebuds a different experience. You can also get cooking classes from Munnar.
  11. Enjoy the art forms: You can now enjoy the art form of Kerala: kathakali in Munnar. Watching a Kathakali performance from Munnar is one of the fun activities to do. Enjoy the true essence of South India through this dance and musical performance. You can also watch kalarippayattu (traditional martial art) from Kalari Kshetra.


Wayanad is a rural district of Kerala. It is a forested region with lush green forests and high-altitude areas. It is home to animals, including Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and regrets. Wayanad is also famous for wildlife and spice plantations. Tribal people and their culture are other attractions of Wayanad. Wild Honey and handicrafts by the local tribal people are everyday products sold here. In short, Wayanad is a beautiful place to explore. The climate is warm in summer and chill &crisp in Winter. The weather is very favourable, making it a good honeymoon spot.


Things to do in Wayanad 


  1. Pay a visit to the wildlife sanctuary if you are an animal lover. Everyone can watch and enjoy different animals, irrespective of their ages.
  2. Visit Asia’s 2nd largest dam in Banasura. It is a great picnic spot with a pleasing boating experience with its crystal water. You can also visit the mini Hydel project near Banasura.
  3. Enjoy bamboo rafting at Kuruva island, which comprises three scenic islands in the middle of the Kabini River in Wayanad. The place is famous for bamboo rafting with exceptional natural beauty.
  4. Gocaving at Edakkal caves. It is an excellent experience for those who are adventure-minded. You can see the oldest sources of prehistoric inscriptions here.
  5. Go boating in Pookode lakes with friends and family. It is a pleasant experience to peddle a boat here. Children can also play in the nearby children’s park.
  6. You can experience camping in the breathtaking camping spots of Wayanad. You can also indulge in exciting adventure activities in Wayanad, like fishing, trekking, evenings full of music, bonfire, and much more.
  7. Pilgrimage at Thirunelli temples another experience in Wayanad. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Brahma built this temple and dedicated it to Lord Vishnu, Hanuman, Nagam, and Ganesh.
  8. Take a stay in Vythiri village in the lap of natural beauty. You can experience the most relaxing activities here. Also, enjoy their Ayurveda massages.
  9. Ziplining over the rolling tea estates is another experience you can enjoy while in Wayanad. You can choose the destinations available for ziplining.
  10. Go cyclingaround the town, which is all filled up with nature’s love and beauty. You can also go cycling in the tea plantations.
  11. Get a splendid stay at the tree house. This will be a memory you can take back from Wayanad. The place offers a lot of unique experiences like these. You can get stay at different tea and coffee plantations here.


Ooty, officially known as Udhagamandalam, is a city in Nilgris district in Tamil Nadu. It is a resort town in the state of Tamil Nadu which attracts thousands of tourists here. Ooty is famous for its tea plantations. There are different varieties and flavours of tea available here. You can also pay a visit to the tea factories and outlets. The climate is pretty cold here, and the scenery attracts many tourists yearly. The flower show conducted every year in Ooty also makes it more attractive. Many plant lovers from different parts of the country visit Ooty during this time. The wet season is overcast; the summer is partly cloudy, making it comfortable for travelling all over the year. 

   Things to do in Ooty


  1. Railway ride: Enjoy a fun ride with the Nilgiri Mountain toy train. It offers a pleasant view of the lush green hills, picturesque valleys, forested landscapes, and verdant meadows from the window seat; the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train, commonly known as Ooty Toy Train, invites people to witness the sheer beauty of the Nilgiris in its way. It is popular among all ages, especially children.
  2. Waterfalls at Dolphina Nose: Here, you can witness lush green tea estates and a picture-perfect setting for a much-needed getaway and offers a jaw-dropping view of the Catherine Falls.
  3. Tea museum: Discover and taste the fantastic tea flavours from the tea museums. Treat yourself to all the exciting tea gardens Ooty tour.
  4. Shopping: Shopping is another thing you can do in Ooty. Visiting and shopping for tea and spices from the factory outlet is interesting. You can also shop locally made handicrafts from local vendors.
  5. Street foods: Enjoying locally prepared street foods in the most incredible weather is something you can enjoy while visiting Ooty.
  6. Trekking: Trekking to Doddabetta peak is another thing to do in Ooty. It is a great sightseeing place for couples as well as families. Encompassed with dense forests, one can also see as far as Mysore on sunny days when the sky is clear as crystal.
  7. Spiritual retreat at St.Stephen Church: for inner peace and spirituality, St. Stephen’s church can be the right place to visit. The oldest church in the Nilgiri district redefines its charm, thus appealing to visitors and tourists from all across the nation.
  8. Visiting the wax museum: Wax World Museum is a truly unique and equally fascinating attraction of Ooty that invites many tourists every year. The look-alike statues of many renowned politicians and leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Subash Chandra Bose, Bal Gangadhar Thilak etc., are here.

Honeymoon packages will take you to beautiful places and allow you to relax and enjoy your time at various locations. Honeymoon packages will take you to beautiful places and allow you to relax and enjoy your time at various locations. A romantic destination to travel and enjoy is anyone’s dream. You get closer to each other and get an uninterrupted time together.