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Do you know these top 10 Popular tourist places to visit in China?

China is one of the largest countries in the world with the highest population. China, which spans 5,250 kilometres from east to west, is almost as big as Europe. It also appears to be multiple countries combined, with scenery ranging from the stunning limestone structures of Guilin to the dry Gobi Desert. 

Possessing distinctive cultures, traditions, and ways of life, its cities exquisitely showcase rich cultural diversity, and one might spend a lifetime exploring all of its attractions.

The top cities in China are filled with beautiful temples, castles, and gardens for you to enjoy, and that’s not even mentioning its two most popular tourist attractions, the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army!

The onset of winter- The Autumn season is the best time to visit China. The summers and winters are two extreme climates in China, inviting such tourists.  

This blog is all about the major places of attraction in China.

Major attractions in China

As we all know, China is one of the best countries to visit in Asia. The exotic food culture and the traditions followed in China are a memory to behold! Here are some of the best places to visit in China. 


Located on the banks of the River Estuary, Shangai is a global power status. This place is the second tallest tower in the world. The greatest way to see Shanghai’s glittering skyline is to stroll along the Bund, a stretch of coastline. Shopping in the premier shopping street, which stretches over 5 km, is the most interesting thing to do here in Shangai. The buzzing streets and busy shoppers are all sights of attractions in the city. The charming canals and the several ancient towers are anyone’s favourite spots to visit.


The leafy avenues and Many tourists merely pass through Nanjing on their trip from Beijing to Shanghai because it may be a better place to live than to visit. Nanjing, previously the capital of China, is located on the renowned Yangtze River and has various pleasant locations to visit. Take to the Qin Huai River and float by the impressive Gate of China, the mesmerizing Confucius Temple, and other landmarks on your city tour. Many tourists spend most of their time exploring Nanjing’s numerous tombs and mausoleums. The clean streets are a laid-back vibe to tourists visiting Nanjing.



With a history of 13 years, this place served as the capital of China for 13 dynasties. Later after its decline However, Xi’an became much more than just its army of underground troops. The Drum Tower, The Big Wild Goose Pagoda,and the Bell Tower are all attractions here. A wall built in the fourteenth century encircles the city and is ideal for a leisurely bike ride or stroll. Xi’an, the final stop on the Silk Road, provides a diverse range of ethnicities and religious beliefs. This is most noticeable in the Muslim Quarter, which has several mosques and a vibrant market. i.e., it served as the Terracotta of Warriors.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the largest financial hub of China. It is a special administrative province of China. The place is distinctive is of its steel towers and glass buildings. Moreover, the city has impressive landscapes for nature lovers. More than 70% of Hong Kong is covered with parks and mountains, making the place attractive for tourists. It also provide a variety of trekking options. The Dragon’s Back walk is a well-liked route, or you can ascend the Peak for stunning city views. Victoria Harbour, where you may take a traditional boat tour, runs through Hong Kong’s heart. Visit Lantau Island if you want to see the Giant Bronze Buddha.



This place is the ‘Panda Capital of china’. Home to several Giant Pandas, this place is one of the best destinations to spot many iconic animals. The giant panda population, which has increased from only six in 1987 to over 80 now, is the focus of the research facility. At the Giant Panda Museum, visitors may learn all there is to know about the species in addition to watching them. Be sure to experience Chengdu’s tea house culture while you are there. Only leave after eating a bite or two of the city’s famed Sichuan food.


Harbin, well-known for its magnificent Ice Festival, is located far north of China, where it may get exceedingly cold. The St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is a noteworthy attraction. Due to its proximity to Russia, Harbin has a significant Russian influence on its culture and architecture. Visiting during the Ice Festival, which lasts from December to February, is an amazing extravaganza where everything is made of ice and is brilliantly illuminated by lights. Visitors can see Harbin’s historic Daoli area when the season is no more winter!! Zhongyang Dajie, the main thoroughfare, has a wide selection of eateries, cafes, and shops.


Lijiang is blessed with a majestic natural environment, including snow-capped mountains and lovely lakes. It’s a well-liked destination for backpackers and adventure seekers alike because it offers a variety of hiking trails and outdoor sports. The UNESCO-listed Old Town in Lijiang is undoubtedly the city’s best feature. This region, which dates back more than 800 years, is renowned for its historic buildings and canals. The Naxi people primarily live in the Lijiang region. The Naxi, who originated in Tibet and have been residing in Lijiang for more than a millennium, are frequently spotted by tourists wearing traditional attire.


This place is the spot for an ancient place of civilization and an ancient capital of 13 dynasties. The city’s glorious past is the main attraction of Luoyang. This place is very close to the impressive collection of Chinese art. Cave tourism and carved cliffs on the riverside are famous tourist attractions in China. Luoyang also contains 11,000 Buddhist stone statues. The city’s Old Town is the ideal location to view the remaining ancient buildings. Enter through Lijing Gate and meander along the winding lanes to take in the bustle of the neighbourhood life.



Suzhou is a day trip destination located in eastern China. The traditional buildings and the beautiful gardens are the favourites of locals and tourists alike. It is the most well-known water town in China. These buildings hug the waterside of the canals. Walking through its charming canals is a pleasure as little footbridges span the water and paper lanterns hang from the structures. In recent years, all these places have been modernized and displayed pockets of charming features. One of the biggest cities in the globe at one time was Suzhou. Due to its legendary silk manufacturing and position in the Yangtze River Delta, the city has drawn traders and artisans to its streets since the Silk Road.


Guilin and its surroundings are characterized by unearthly beauty, which makes them breathtaking tourist destinations. It is a magnificent experience to glide peacefully along the Li River on a boat while admiring the stunning karst features of the surroundings on either side of you. They appear mysterious because they are shrouded in mist, and if you explore the gorgeous Yangshuo area, you will discover caverns and caves concealed by vegetation. Many visitors to Guilin, a magnificent city, travel to the Moon and Sun Pagoda for the stunning vista it provides over the area.



China is a culture more than a country. There are countless opportunities for exploration in China as a tourist destination. This nation is full of unique experiences and sightseeing opportunities, whether you take a luxury cruise through the scenic Yangtze gorges, visit a bustling city, or seek out the peace of an old temple. The promising land has a lot to offer.