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Discover India's Top 15 Amusement Parks - Fun & Excitement Awaits!

Plan your fantastic weekends/day out and summer vacation at the amusement parks, where you find too many rides, swimming pools, roller coasters, spas, theme parks, engaging activities and thrilling games. For an extended fun trip, most offer you multi-cuisine restaurants and accommodation.

In India, vacations for school-going kids always coincide with the summer season. Help your child to beat the scorching sun and get a soothing experience! If you are an adult, take a leave on the weekend and allow yourself to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries. It will leave you feeling at ease and relaxed.

Total worth your money and time!

The most gorgeous and enchanting amusement parks in India are littered everywhere. They are popular internationally and are equally liked by young ones and adults. Here we have a list of Top-15!!

Plan an adventurous day full of excitement & fun right now!

Water Kingdom

A part of the Essel world, Water Kingdom is the oldest and biggest water park in India and the biggest in Asia. The most suitable and renowned tourist place for children and adults, it offers you a wonderful summer retreat. Located in Borivali, Mumbai, it is also an ideal destination for a family outing full of fun and sport. Others who are not in the mood for this thrilling adventure can enjoy walking on sprinklers, splashing water, the rain dance, and the biggest play pool in India, the Lagoon.

Most popular rides: What-a-Coaster, Brat zone, The Lagoon, Goofers Lagoon, Wetlantic, and Adventure Amazonia

Opening hours: 10 am – 8 pm

Wonder La, Bengaluru

Wonder La, one of the best-themed amusement parks on Mysore Road, Bengaluru, is worth visiting. Spread over 82 acres; it offers a wide range of thrilling rides, water slides, and attractions. When it gets too hot to handle, make a beeline to Wonder La and enjoy some of the best water and land rides. Kids love fun programs like the Adventures of Chikku and Rain Disco and keep enjoying the After Hours. There is much to see, enjoy, and participate in this park as it is suitable for people of all ages.

The park is known for its world-class facilities and excellent dining options. It is a must-visit destination for families and adventure enthusiasts.

Operational Hours – 11 am- 8 pm


Wonder La, Kochi

Kochi also boasts of having a branch of Wonder La in its city. Locals love visiting the park, which brings them an amazing range of water and land rides. Here you can enjoy unending fun on the beach, like wave pools, watery coasters, lazy rivers, rain disco, Boomerangs, and much more. People who love thrill and adventure must take advantage of Wavy & Vertical Fall glides that take them from a 6-storey tall slide to a mind-numbing drop. There is so much to enjoy that spending even the whole day seems insufficient.

Operational Hours – 11 am- 6:30 pm

Appughar Or Oysters, Gurgaon

Gurgaon is home to one of the most entertaining amusements and themed parks, Appughar (Oysters). While visiting this park, you will find a fantastic array of water-based attractions and activities perfect for forgetting the sticky and scorching summers. Check out OMG or Oh My Gurgaon, a famous water ride that will leave you feeling fascinated and perked up while visiting this park. It is a great stress-buster. This ride gives you a thrilling experience of plummeting from a height of 20 m at 60 km per hour speed.

Have lots of fun with your loved ones at this park!

Operational Hours – 11 am- 6 pm

World Of Wonder (WoW)

Enjoy this complete entertainment package and the thrilling rides at this theme park on visiting World of Wonder or WOW. Whether you want to take on the badass summer and dip in chill waters or enjoy hair-raising land rides suitable for people of all ages, the day will be amazingly entertaining. Start with taking a plunge into a large pool and then enjoy a series of water rides that will keep you thoroughly entertained. When visiting this lovely entertainment park in Noida, check out Turbo Tunnel and Rapid Race.

Operational Hours – 10:30 am- 7 pm

GRS Fantasy Park

Mysore’s one more attraction added to the tourist places’ list is GRS Fantasy Park. For those who love having fun with friends and family, this is the best park to visit as it is tied with joy and ecstasy for all age groups. It is sprawled across a vast area with a 60000 sq ft artificial waterfall and a 10000 sq ft wave pool being the major attractions. This park is the ultimate destination for adventure.

Other worth enjoying activities in the park are Aqua Tornado, flour-seater float ride, Dragon’s Den, Amazania, Pendulum Slide, 5D Virtual Ride, Lazy River, Snow Sledge, Aqua Dance Floor, and more. Located off KRS Road, it is one of the best water parks in India.

Amusement and entertainment in one place!

Operational Hours – 10:30 am- 6 pm


Ocean Park

Ocean Park is an interesting and exciting amusement park and sprawling water park in Hyderabad. Isolated from the hurly-burly of the city, this park, amidst nature’s environs, makes it an excellent attraction for weekend revellers. It is the best place to beat hot summers while enjoying the cool ambience of the park. Check out Wide Slide, Floating Bridge, Mushroom Umbrella, Tilting Bucket, Tube Slide, Duck Jets, Water Screen, and more that will keep you thoroughly entertained throughout the day.

Operational Hours – 11 am- 7:30 pm

Adlabs Aquamagica In Mumbai

The best place to relax and chill out in the megacity – Mumbai, offers its visitors fantastic rides, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and guaranteed unlimited fun that caters for people of all age groups.

Spread over 300 acres; it offers a thrilling experience with its wide range of water rides, slides, and attractions.

In addition, Adlabs Aquamagica hosts various events and activities throughout the year, making it a popular destination for families, friends, and corporate groups. Overall, it is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun-filled day out in Mumbai.

Most popular rides: Wacky waves, Pirate Bay, Floatsa, Raftaastic, Swirl Whirl, Boomeranggo, Loopy Woopy, and Zip Zap Zoom

Opening hours: 11 am – 6 pm

Aquatica In Kolkata

The best water park in Eastern India, Aquatica, is spread over 17 acres of land offering sheer fun, relaxation, excitement, and delight. You will be excited about the thrilling water rides, world-class cuisine, luxurious stay options, and party space. Aquatica is not only a favourite and preferred picnic spot for the people in Kolkata but for the international tourist also. Aquatica stands tall and proud, offering you a quick-refreshing break away from the humdrum of the city.

Most popular rides: Niagara Falls, Raft Slide, Black Hole, Cyclone, Wave Pool, Pendulum, and Lazy River

Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm

MGM Dizzee World In Chennai

MGM Group- builders of Dizzee World- is a fun and entertainment pioneer. Covering an area of 70 acres, it offers a wide range of thrilling rides, attractions, and entertainment options for people of all ages. One of the best spectacular, safe, and fun water parks, it offers safe and sound entertainment. The park is known for its exciting rides, including roller coasters, water slides, and other adventure rides. The attractions include various games, live shows, and a 7D theatre. No one knows the enthralling essence of family entertainment as Dizzy World does. It provides unique experiences on your day-out excursion with your family and kids. Enjoy the Aqua park too!

They’re on big fun!!

Most popular rides: Water Coaster, Alai Osai, Rolling Thunder, Revolution, and Kamikaze Ranger

Opening hours: 10:30 am – 6 pm


Wonderla In Hyderabad

Wonderla is one of the most amazing water parks in India. People visit here to relive their childhood days in the best way. Located in Hyderabad, this waterpark has been magnificently built with many attractive spots you would always want to stay. The fantastic rides- high thrill, land, water, and kids’ rides- in this water park will keep the kids and adults engaged throughout the day.

Have an exciting and thrilling experience in Wonderla!

Most popular rides: crazy cars, Skywheel

Operating hours: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Queensland In Chennai

Thirty minutes from Chennai, this exhilarating theme park attracts those who want to take a break over the weekend in Chennai from the unbearable heat. It will engage you throughout the day with its unbeatable attractions. The amusement park is accessible from the town as it is located on the main highway of Chennai-Bangalore.

It offers a unique and separate fantastic ride to the children. One of the highlights of Queensland is its water park, which includes a wave pool, lazy river, and several water slides. The park features several roller coasters, water rides, and family rides, as well as a variety of games and activities for all ages.

Thrill seekers are always welcome!

Most popular rides: Ventura River American Wave pool, Himalayan Waterslide,

Operating hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Mondays Closed

Maniar Wonderland In Ahmedabad

Maniar is a fun-filled place with the best rides to help you beat the summer heat. The park offers a variety of exciting rides and attractions for visitors of all ages, making it a popular destination for families and friends looking for a fun day out. It also has a water park indoors, a soothing chill experience against the scorching sun. Apart from that, attractions like Jumping Cat and Wonder chair will keep you occupied. The park also includes water rides, family rides, and a mini golf course. You can also enjoy artificial snow during a snowball fight in the indoor snowpark, which features a giant snow dome, an ice-skating rink, and other snow-related activities.

Most popular rides: Aqua roller, Zipline, Aqua splash, Aqua ball

Operational hours: 10:00 am – 8:30 pm

Funtasia Island In Patna

Funtasia Island – the first-ever water park in Patna, is a fantastic aquatic paradise. It is expanded into 5 acres of land, offering a complex with exciting attractions for children and adults of all ages. The swimming pools, wave pools, restaurants, cafes, banquet halls, souvenir shops, and many other fun items for children will give you a fantastic time. The park features several thrilling rides, including roller coasters, water rides, and family rides, as well as a variety of games and activities for all ages.

One of the highlights of Funtasia Inland is its water park, which includes a wave pool, lazy river, and several water slides.

Most popular rides: high-speed slides, elephant houses, spray guns

Operational hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Fun City in Chandigarh

Famous as the first amusement park and the first water park in Chandigarh, Fun City is quite a popular tourist attraction. Spread over an area of 43,000 square feet, it offers various rides and attractions suitable for both children and adults.

It also offers party and event services for birthdays, corporate events, and other occasions. It has 20 hydraulic rides (suitable for all ages), 6 landing pools, one activity pool, one sea wave pool and 17 different water slides of various shapes and sizes.

Overall, it is a fun-filled destination for families and groups looking for an exciting day out.

Operational hours: 10:00 am-7:00 pm.


Plan a Chill out soon in any of these fun zones!!!

Visiting amusement parks can be a fun and exciting experience. These parks offer a wide range of thrilling rides, games, and attractions designed to entertain and excite people of all ages. These above given Top-15 amusement parks offer ultimate fun, thrill, ecstasy, and entertainment.

Enjoy mind-numbing water and land rides!

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