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Are you looking for the best village destination in India?

A village is a hive of glass, where nothing unobserved can pass.


Village tourism, or rural tourism, is a new concept in India which promotes and develops the village. It shows cases of the life of farmers, villagers, traditional artisans, the local foods etc. Many towns have stunning landscapes, which leaves the travellers mesmerized. It is not less than the most important spot in the country. 

Since most of our people live in the villages, many more things must be explored and experienced. It is the unspoilt virgin beauty that attracts foreign visitors to our country. To get the essence and smell of our heritage, one needs to visit an Indian village untouched.

The important village tourism destination in India

There are many villages which gained popularity when village tourism came into being. Many unexplored lands were explored as a part of this tourism. Some of the popular village destinations are:


Kumbalangi Village

Kumbalangi is a South Indian village located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. The serene backwaters, Chinese fishing nets, mangroves, Pokkali and paddy rice fields are all the attractions of this village. You can see the live catching of fish and crabs, which will leave you to spell bounded.

Pushpawadi Village

This village in Ahmednagar is located 220 km from Mumbai. The villagers are all tribal people known as the ‘Hindu Mahadeo Koli’. You can smell the fresh crops coming from the pastoral land. You get to hear light and soothing music from a particular instrument.


Diveager village

This is a coastal town located near Mumbai. The place is known for Swarna Ganesha, which features a full gold deity of Lord Ganesha. This village has virgin beaches and a soothing environment.

Naggar Village

It is on the northern side of Himachal Pradesh. It is very close to Kulu and one of the oldest villages in Himachal Pradesh. Visitors can breathe the mountain breeze and can view snow-capped mountains & peaks. The apple and plum orchards which exude a sweet aroma, are anyone’s dream place to visit.

Raghurajpur Village

This village is on the eastern side of Orissa. It is a renowned destination for pilgrimage. The major attractions here are many creative art forms, dance forms and marvellous inscriptions. Those who are obsessed with art and crafts can visit here.

The advantage of Village tourism

  • Learning from Urbanization

  • Having the chance to travel to farms

  • Getting introduction to locally produced goods and their foods

  • Development of the village

Exploring the village cuisines in India

The food exploration in the villages is a real experience. You get to see a variety of foods at very low prices, yet tasty and nutritious. You can see the rich agricultural background in every food item served here. Food items are traditionally eaten, like a feast on ‘banana leaves in Kerala. The sweet toddy is one of the best drinks available in the villages.

In conclusion, the increasing popularity of village tourism attracts many foreigners to India. Many tour companies actively do many village tourism to develop the villages. Thus the rural pleasure looks upon the villages to improve the residents’ livelihoods.