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Top 7 best village activities to do in Kerala

Cruising through the backwaters of Kerala


Tourism in the Southern part of India, especially Kerala, is a great experience. Backwaters, massages and houseboats surround tourism in Kerala. All these attractions indeed make Kerala God’s own Country, but the place has other tourist activities and destinations. Some tourism commonly found in Kerala are beaches, adventure, wellness, etc.

The most rewarding trip experience often comes from the local people’s involvement. Kerala’s rural tourism is exceptional because it allows visitors to engage with and experience local life. Visitors can tour the villages and observe the residents doing their daily tasks, including farming, jute production, pottery manufacturing, handicrafts, stone cutting, and other inland activities. Simply escaping the chaos and noise of city life to take in the serenity and clean air of the countryside is soothing and pleasant.

Village Tourism in Kerala is full of traditions and cultures. Responsible Tourism first introduced this concept of village tourism. This was aimed to ensure public participation in rural development. This blog is about some of the beautiful villages you can explore and feel in Kerala.

How beautiful is village tourism in Kerala?

The rural area, far from the bustle of the city, is adorned with serene backwaters, paddy fields, coconut palms, small fishing hamlets, and distinctive art forms. It is a memory to pack with you.

These communities welcome us into a peaceful and contented world.

Responsible Tourism (RT) provided numerous cutting-edge tour packages as a part of the Village Tourism Experiences. RT launched trip packages that included excursions to agricultural areas, traditional fishing methods, bell metal fabrication in Kunhimangalam, and weaving centres in Kalliasseri, Kannur. 

Village tourism makes you relaxed and gives you peace of mind. This blog is all about the different activities you can do in the villages of Kerala.


Walk through paddy fields

A walk through the paddy fields of Palakkad, Thrissur and many more places gives you a breathtaking experience. While experiencing Kerala’s village tourism, a stroll along the slender barriers that divide one field from another could make you forget about everything else. You get a wonderful experience in the green carpeted areas with water here and there. One of life’s greatest pleasures can be found in the lush green flora. A variety of paddy fields are also possible in the Wayanad district. It is interesting to watch their rural lifestyle. The art of sowing and reaping with a tribal song accompanied gives you everything you need on your trip.

Coir Making

It is one of the recognized activities as a part of tourism in Kerala today. It is also a livelihood for many of the villagers. Being the land of coconuts, the state gives you many opportunities to create various products from it. Such a form of art is coir-making. 20–30% of the husk is made of fibre that may be woven into threads and ropes. Other utilize products include floor mats, brushes, cushions, and beds. The opportunity to observe the coir manufacturing process, which two female employees often do, is provided via a trip to a Kerala hamlet. In Kerala, producing coir is a typical way to make a living.


Cycling in the villages of Kerala

One of the most enjoyable activities for tourists in Kerala villages is cycling. While cycling in the village, you may experience the breathtaking splendour of the backwaters, paddy fields, and sandy beaches. Cycling is a real way to experience the hospitality, culture, and legacy of the people of Kerala.


Fishing is another main activity you can enjoy through village tourism in Kerala. It is the main livelihood of the people here. You can see several backwater destinations where you can enjoy fishing. Fishing using a canoe boat is still practised in Kerala. Fishing is done using fishing poles that have bait attached to them from these small boats that are typically docked in the middle of the backwaters. Most people who live in backwater areas rely primarily on fishing for their livelihood. They frequently find fish, crabs, oysters, prawns, and lobsters in the backwaters. Kerala’s backwaters are the only place to experience the fantastic flavour of “pearl-spot” fishes.


Tapping Toddy

The village tourism is incomplete without toddy. Toddy is one of the specialities of Kerala. You can taste and even purchase the toddy, fresh from the coconut tree. One of the local drinks in Kerala is called “Madhura Kallu,” and it is simple to extract from young coconuts. It is typically consumed with some highly delicious baked fish (karimeen pollichathu) or seasoned pickles. One of Kerala’s most impressive and enjoyable activities for visitors is toddy tapping. Therefore, anyone should experience the toddy that is directly taken from the tree.

Nalukettu and Kavu

Kerala is a place abundant with rich history and traditions. You can get a hold of this by paying a visit to the Nalukettu, which is almost 350+ years old. It represents unique and incredible architecture.

Kavu is another heritage place where you can see Hindu rituals, and it is believed that snakes, along with their family, reside here.


Country Boat ride

Traveling in a rural boat allows you to learn about Kerala’s native population’s way of life. A chance to partially explore Kerala’s backwaters, which charmingly display its culture, is also presented. The famed Chinese fishnets, lush green fields, stunning scenery around the backwaters, and locals going about their daily tasks and crafts may all be seen from a boat. A refreshing wind and birds chirping welcome the guests along the serene canals. You won’t ever forget this journey in your life. As you row in the canals and backwater, you can experience the people engaged in different activities.

Kerala’s rural areas have remarkable stability in advancing modern life. You’ll be astonished to learn that the residents of a Kerala village continue to lead a lovely and straightforward existence. A trip to a hamlet in Kerala is a sure-fire way to spend your vacation time in a calm, serene, and uncomplicated setting. 

You can enjoy visiting places like Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kochin, Kumbalangi etc. Kerala’s rural life provides visitors with an unspoiled, untouched and native experience because it is unaffected and untrodden by the hands of industrialization and the nauseating makeover of urban sophistication.