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15 countries that Indian passport holders can travel to without a visa or with a visa-on-arrival

Do you want to jet off abroad in 2023? Are you tired of going through the process of visa application?

Here we have good news for you!

Many countries allow visa on arrival (or visa-free travel) for Indian passport holders, according to the Ministry of External Affairs. Visa applications and approvals are easy NOW!!


Usually, for international travel, we must need travel insurance, a valid passport and a visa. There are two main categories of visas:

  • A Pre-Approved Visa

  • A Visa on Arrival

You need a pre-approved visa to travel to some nations. After submitting the visa application, there will be an approval process, which should be completed well before the intended travel date. But some countries offer visas on arrival to visitors, making it easy to plan and execute a visit!

Now board a flight and explore new places!

The following are the best enchanting foreign lands that allow visa-on-arrival holiday destinations for Indians. So, here is the list of countries that will welcome you with a visa on arrival when you visit them.

Check them out below!



Visa-on-arrival is a convenient option for tourists visiting Nepal. It allows eligible travellers to obtain a visa at the airport or border entry points upon arrival without needing a prior application. The visa-on-arrival process in Nepal is straightforward and can be completed within a few minutes as long as the traveller has the necessary documents and fees. And as long as all your travel documents are in place, you can avail of visa-free entry here without much hassle. The country has much to offer regarding travel experiences, so make the most of them!

Enjoy visiting the land of mighty mountains!!!


Avail a visa-free entry to Bhutan-the Land of the Thunder Dragon- with your Indian passport!!!

Other international travellers can attain it through your tour operator. Visitors must first book a tour package with a licensed tour operator in Bhutan to obtain a visa. The tour operator will then apply for a visa on the visitor’s behalf, and once the visa is approved, the visitor will be provided with a visa clearance letter which they will need to present at the port of entry.

With tall mountains and deep caves, the top destinations and laid-back adventure, it attracts many travellers to Bhutan!



The Maldives issue visa on arrival to Indian citizens, valid for 30 days. But make sure you have the list of travel documents & entry requirements for the Maldives before your trip to the scenic archipelago.

Set in the Indian Ocean, the gorgeous archipelago of the Maldives is an international tourist attraction due to its scenic beaches, private resorts, proximity to India, and picturesque island nation.

Tranquil beaches, delectable seafood and stunning weather, await you here, setting the perfect mood for a romantic or leisurely vacation. Moreover, the country is visa-free for Indians, only requiring travellers to possess a travel permit!

Head to the Maldives, one of the most beautiful destinations, with a visa on arrival!!!


Mauritius, one of the most beautiful countries, offer visa-on-arrival for its visitors with an Indian passport. Visa on arrival is available for specific categories of travellers visiting Mauritius. It includes citizens of most countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and some countries in the Americas. The visa on arrival is issued for a maximum stay of 90 days and is valid for tourism and business purposes.

Clear blue waters, deep-sea diving, stunning resorts and delicious dishes are just a few of the things that await you in Mauritius.

Get ready to explore the coral reefs, blue lagoons, and exotic beaches!!!!



Visa-on-arrival is available for visitors to Seychelles from most countries. Upon arrival at the Seychelles International Airport, travellers must present a valid passport, return or onward ticket, proof of accommodation, and sufficient funds to cover their stay. A visa will be issued at the discretion of the immigration officer for a period of up to 3 months. Considered the dream destination for nature enthusiasts, Seychelles is home to several picturesque beaches, natural reserves, and coral reefs, setting the perfect mood for a romantic or leisurely vacation!

Moreover, the country is visa-free for Indians, only requiring travellers to possess a travel permit!


Visa-on-arrival is a convenient option for Indian passport holders visiting Fiji. With this type of visa, visitors can obtain authorization to enter Fiji upon arrival at the airport or seaport. The process is relatively straightforward, and visitors must provide basic information about their travel plans and accommodation arrangements. Indians are eligible for visa-on-arrival, which has 4-month validity and can be extended once for another four months.

Witness closely a land where time seems stagnant. Enjoy visiting the exquisite islands and stunning beaches. Experience abundant underwater marine life!

Go for a laid-back vacation, explore all it offers and make the most of your trip there!



Visa-on-arrival is available for Indian citizens of many countries travelling to Samoa for tourism purposes. So travellers can apply for a visa once they arrive in Samoa rather than obtaining one before departure. The visa-on-arrival is valid for up to 60 days and can be extended for 90 days.

To obtain a visa-on-arrival, travellers must provide evidence of their return ticket, accommodation arrangements, and sufficient funds to cover their stay in Samoa.

Visit a must-explore destination on the global tourism map!

Explore the beaches, waterfalls, vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and hospitality!!!


Vanuatu offers visa-on-arrival for many nationalities, particularly for Indian passport holders! It is an island nation in the South Pacific. Visitors can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport, valid for up to 30 days. The process is relatively simple. Applicants must provide proof of onward travel, accommodation, and sufficient funds to cover their stay. The rest of the procedures are hassle-free and quick!

Vanuatu is known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse culture. It is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a tropical getaway.

With visa-on-arrival, travellers can easily explore this beautiful country without the hassle of applying for a visa in advance!



Visa-on-arrival is a convenient option for Indian passport holders visiting Indonesia. With this type of visa, eligible visitors can enter Indonesia without a pre-approved visa. Instead, obtain your visa upon arrival at the designated airports or seaports. The visa-on-arrival is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days.

To be eligible for a visa-on-arrival, travellers must hold a valid Indian passport with at least six months of validity. Please note the visitor should not be on Indonesia’s blacklist. The visa fee can be paid in cash or by credit card, and visitors must provide a return ticket or onward travel itinerary.

Overall, visa-on-arrival makes it easier for tourists to explore the beauty of Indonesia and enjoy its diverse culture, food, and natural attractions!


Visa-on-arrival is a convenient option for Indian passport holders who want to visit Thailand for tourism or business purposes. Visitors from certain countries can obtain a visa on arrival at designated entry points, including airports and land borders. The visa is valid for up to 15 days and can be extended for an additional 15 days at the discretion of the immigration officer. The visa-on-arrival process is straightforward, and applicants must provide a valid passport, return ticket, and sufficient funds for their stay.

One of the most-visited holiday destinations for Indians, Thailand now allows visa-on-arrival facilities for those holding Indian passports. Visit there this summer and explore the country’s many beaches and islands!


Visa-on-arrival is a convenient way for travellers to obtain a visa to enter Cambodia. The easy process can be done at the airport or land border crossings. The visa is valid for 30 days. You can extend it if you wish. Travellers must provide a passport with at least six months validity, a recent passport-sized photo, and the visa fee in cash. It’s important to note that visa-on-arrival is unavailable for all nationalities, and some countries may require a pre-approved visa. But luckily, Indian passport holders are allowed to enter without a visa.

Explore the stunning beaches, magnificent temples and rich heritage of Cambodia.

That, too, is by availing of a visa on arrival if you possess an Indian passport!


Visa-on-arrival is available for Indian passport holders travelling to Laos. Simply by filling out an application form, submitting it to immigration officials, and paying a fee, you can complete the procedures. The visa is typically valid for 30 days and can be extended for 30 days.

The country is excellent for travellers, with scenic views and architectural wonders. Laos is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, and visa-on-arrival makes it more accessible for travellers to explore its many wonders. From the stunning temples of Luang Prabang to the breathtaking scenery of the Mekong River, there’s something for everyone in Laos!!!

Include Laos in your travel bucket list!

Indian passport holders will get a visa on arrival here!



Jordan offers visa-on-arrival to Indian passport holders, making it easier for visitors to enter the country without a pre-approved visa. The visa-on-arrival is available at most entry points to Jordan, including airports and land borders.

The visa-on-arrival for Jordan is typically valid for a stay of up to 30 days but can be extended for 60 days if necessary. Visitors must have a valid passport, a return ticket, and sufficient funds to cover the expense in Jordan.

This opportunity has made it more convenient for tourists to explore Jordan’s many attractions, from Petra’s ancient city to Amman’s vibrant capital city.

Travel with less hassle!


The Kenyan government offers a visa-on-arrival service to Indian passport holders who wish to enter Kenya for various purposes, such as tourism or business. The visa-on-arrival system allows travellers to avail of it at the airport or border entry points without the need to apply for a visa in advance. You can quickly get a visa on arrival by submitting an application form, paying a fee, and verifying travel documents, such as a passport and return ticket. It is a convenient option for travellers without a pre-approved visa or who have made last-minute travel plans to Kenya.

If you’re an Indian passport holder planning a trip to Kenya, availing a tourist, service, business, diplomatic or even a transit visa from the Kenyan Embassy in India is not at all problematic.

Travel to paradise for wildlife admirers!



The visa-on-arrival allows travellers to stay in Tanzania for up to 90 days and is suitable for those who do not have a pre-approved visa!

Tanzania will give you a feast for your eyes on both mountains and coasts. It invites you to go on adventures for the expedition of a lifetime. One of the most beautiful and offbeat visa-on-arrival countries for Indians, Tanzania provides a convenient and efficient way for many travellers to enter the country for tourism or business purposes.


Hey, Indian passport holders, pursue your dream travel destinations without a pre-approved visa.

Hassle-free processes will make your travel more convenient and easy!

Safe travels!