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10 best places to visit in Greece

Greece is a Southeast European country with thousands of islands. This island nation is the best tourist place with stunning and distinguished by its hilly terrain, exceptional weather, numerous islands, long sandy beaches, and more.


Greece has a rare ancient history but is a part of modern life. Along with its natural beauty and charm, the country has a rich intellectual heritage that draws tourists.

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with cold winters and intense snowfalls. During summer, the weather is usually dry.

This blog is all about the major attractions of Greece.

Major attractions of Greece

Greece is well known for its magnificent beaches and crystal-clear waters. In addition, the stunning Cycladic architecture, breathtaking sunset locations, and comfortable summertime temperatures make it one of the most well-liked vacation areas in Europe. Some of the best places of tourist attraction in Greece are:

Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis, a rocky outcrop rising in the centre of contemporary Athens and capped by three beautiful temples dating to the 5th century BC, is regarded as the emblem of Athens, Greece, and even Western civilization. The Parthenon was initially built up of 58 columns supporting a roof and was embellished with elaborate pediments and a frieze, the most well-known and recognizable monument. Skirting the base of the Acropolis links the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Forum, and other significant prehistoric sites to the city.

Acropolis museum, Athens

A popular tourist destination in Athens is the Acropolis Museum. It is an ultra-modern glass and steel tower with bright, open exhibition areas designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi to display ancient artefacts from the Acropolis. There are many attractions in the museum which are from the 6th century BC. This place seems home to the Greek Kings. The cafe-restaurant terraces give the best views and the best food.



Santorini is the most stunning place in Greece. It is best known for the cliff-top settlements on the west coast of Fira and Oia, which provide the impression of hanging over a caldera filled with a deep blue sea. Both Fira and Oia are regarded as romantic places, popular for weddings and honeymoons, and made up of characteristic Cycladic whitewashed cubic buildings, Infinity pools have been added to many of them, making them boutique hotels. Sunbathing and swimming at the black volcanic sand beaches are the two must-do activities in the place. Ferries and catamarans go from Piraeus, the port in Athens, to the island’s airport.


Mykonos is frequently described as Greece’s most opulent island getaway. Mykonos Town, known for its upscale seafood restaurants, stylish boutique hotels, and live music venues, is the focal point of after-dark events. Paraportiani is one of the other attractions in Mykonos. The island is very popular among celebrities. Mykonos has an airport connected to Piraeus and Rafina, the ports of Athens, via ferry and catamaran.



Delphi is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List for Greece. The ancients revered this location, which was built on the lower slopes of Mount Parnassus and overlooks a stunning ravine, and travelled here on pilgrimages to worship Apollo- The Greek God. Delphi is made with the ruins of many temples, a theatre and a stadium dating back to the 8th-century 2nd century AD. The Delphi Archeological museum has an impressive collection of ancient ruins.

Crete beaches and towns

Crete island is one of the top tourist destinations of Greece. This stunning beach is blessed with small arcs of sand blocked by restaurants and promenades. The wide-open natural stretches lapped by incredibly clear water have an endless view of the seaside. Another amazing thing to remember is that Crete is not only about beaches but also some amazing archaeological sites. The Palace of Knossos, Chania- the historical city of Heraklion, Agios Nicholas etc., are all waterfront areas perfect for spending an afternoon getting lost in the views.


Metéora Monasteries

The Thessaly Plain, whose odd rocky outcrops are topped by the centuries-old monasteries of Metéora, has to be one of the most peculiar sights to visit in Greece. Six of these monasteries on the UNESCO World Heritage list are accessible to the general public. Each monastery is reached by ascending several flights of stone steps carved into the rocks; within, you’ll find flickering candles, sacred objects, Byzantine paintings, and burning incense. It’s a lovely and laid-back location to explore, with modest lodging options and family-run eateries providing regional cuisine.

Rhodes Town

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, is located in the Aegean Sea, not far from Turkey. One of Greece’s major tourist destinations is its capital, Rhodes Town, which UNESCO designates. The Knights of St. John constructed a unique defence system around it after seizing possession of the island in the fourteenth century, which included imposing towers and gates. It’s a delight to stroll around the old town’s car-free cobblestone lanes. Other sights include Marmaris on the Turkish coast, which may be reached by excursion boat, and the charming hillside seaside village of Lindos.



Ferry visitors exploring the Cyclades frequently pass through the island of Paros to pursue the most well-known Santorini. Everything the busier islands farther south and north have to offer is available on this relaxed island. Here, there are fewer people, but you can still discover the same whitewashed towns situated on the waterfront with patios full of guests grinning and laughing. There are many beautiful beaches and interesting historical places to discover on Paros. It’s also a fantastic place to visit if you’re keeping an eye on your budget because lodging is less expensive here.

Corinth Canal

Make sure to stop at the lookout above the Corinth Canal as you reach the Peloponnese Peninsula while driving down highway 8. The construction of this canal was envisioned and tried as early as 1 CE and was completed in 1883. The canal could have been more successful and profitable, which was unfortunate for the builders. When you park your car and get out to stroll across the bridge, stop to consider how the canal was originally constructed by digging through the solid rock.



Greece is a modernized country rich in history and traditions. The fact that Greece is home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth best illustrates the country’s majesty. Most science, technology, art, and scholarship have roots in Greece. One can go back in time and learn more about the human race. There are beautiful mountains, islands, and landmarks there. It serves as a sacred sanctuary for all types of visitors.