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10 places in Oman you should visit now

The Sultanate of Oman, commonly known as Oman, is an Arab country in Western Asia. The country shares land borders with Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Oman is a beautiful country with many mosques, forts, museums, vegetation etc. It is also well known for its ancient aflaj irrigation system.


The country’s income generation is from oil dwindling. It also generates income from gas-based industries and tourism. It is a safe country and the most incredible for foreigners. The Arabic-speaking people are all friendly and warmly welcome the tourists.

It has summer monsoons and hot, dusty winds. The winter months are mild, and the annual temperature ranges from 10°C to 12°C.

The best time for visiting Oman is between October and April. During this time, the weather seems to be warm and pleasant.

This blog is all the top attractions of The Sultanate of Oman.

Top attractions of Oman

Oman is a middle-eastern country with scorching summers and pleasant winters. The land is bestowed with many beautiful architectures. Some of the top attractions of Oman are:


Muscat is Oman’s capital city, serving as the trade link between the East and West. It serves as a port for commerce and cruise ships alike. Adventure seekers are drawn to the beaches’ green hue and the thrilling activities available—the grand mosque, Wadi al Khalid, the Royal Opera House, Bait al Zubair, etc. Muscat is one of Oman’s most scenic cities, nestled beneath jagged mountains. One of the most visited cities in Oman is the capital, Muscat. The desert-like climate of Muscat features extremely scorching summers and mild winters. Rainfall in the city only occurs between November and April throughout the winter.


Salalah is a stunning city with a vibrant culture, a long history, and gorgeous beaches. Its distinctive climate features beautiful flora and mountains that bloom during the monsoon season. The beaches also provide a wealth of diving opportunities. It is situated on the Arabian Sea shore and has savoury seafood options in its cuisine. It is awash in stunning mosques and forts and has Islamic culture. Salalah is a sight for sore eyes, filled with glistening beaches, banana plantations, and spectacular reefs alive with life. You are likely to find a home in this city whether you’re searching for a fun weekend out or a relaxing getaway by the seaside.



Nizwa is the historic city of Oman. It has majestic mountains, and the city is also known as the ‘Pearl Of Islam’. This city is the second-largest tourist destination in Oman. Nizwa is a varied city with many historical and agricultural attractions that is surrounded by date palm and banana farms. The Nizwa Fort, a historic structure built in the 17th century initially as a protection against invaders, is the most famous landmark in the city. The Falaj Daris is another popular tourist destination in this area. This enormous Falaj, which dates from 2500 BC, is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Nizwa Souq, renowned for its distinctive yet traditional Omani handmade goods, should be noticed in Nizwa.


Sohar is the perfect blend of culture and contemporary societies. The city has enormous malls and skyscrapers, some of the most breathtaking beaches in Oman and souqs and monuments full of the country’s history. Beautiful deserts can be reached by taking a little trip towards the suburbs of the city. There are many activities in Sohar, including viewing camel races, shopping for local goods, and simply strolling along the beautiful beaches. Sohar’s beauty is distinctively it’s own. On the one hand, the town is home to some of Oman’s most stunning beaches, adding to the area’s allure. On the other side, the city’s streets are illuminated by the bright souqs that are dispersed across the area.


Sur City

It is most recognised for the fine craftsmanship found in traditional ‘Dhows or boats. Sur is ideal for sunbathing on exotic beaches and indulging in local cuisines. It has several attractions where one can go and experience the rich Omani culture. A few distances outside of Sur is the Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve, which is worthwhile visiting. One of Oman’s most popular tourist destinations is the Turtle Reserve, which takes pride in its unspoiled shorelines and golden plains. The Wadi Bani, which borders the city on one side, offers the thrill-seeking traveller the opportunity to spend a day trekking and hiking through its cliffs.


Barka is a vibrant beachside city in the Al-Batinah region. The age-old bullfighting and the famous Omani halwa are must-try things in Oman. It is a day trip destination in Oman and has a resort destination too. The Barka Fort, which towers against the town’s skyline, is the most popular destination in the area. The odd octagonal Fort is a wonder of architecture and an excellent location for hiking and taking pictures. Another fascinating stronghold nearby is the An Naman castle, which invites visitors all year.



Ibri, which lies outside of Muscat and is reachable by car, is the perfect location for both day trips and overnight vacations. The Ad Dhahirah Governorate’s little hamlet is well known for its quaint small-town ambience. This small town is bursting with splendours on its own while being largely considered to be a stopover between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Navigating the several “Wadis” in the city is one of the most significant ways to spend your time in Ibri. Typically, a wadi is a ravine that overflows during the rainy season. Ibri is home to many undiscovered caverns, with the soaring cliffs providing the ideal location for camping, hiking, and bouldering.


The stunning Musandam Fjords closely resemble typical Norwegian fjords in grandeur, earning Oman the name “The Norway of the Middle East.” The steep limestone cliffs that descend elegantly into the azure fjord waters at Musandam are among Oman’s most picturesque tourist destinations. While the local waters are famous for conventional boat tours, the fjord region is also an excellent site for leisurely trekking.


Bahla is a UNESCO-listed destination with myths and ghosts all over. The city is renowned for its magnificent architecture. The Fort in this location is made of a maze-like network of walls, turrets, and convoluted passageways reflecting traditional Islamic architectural styles. A renowned Omani souq is also located in Bahla and offers a wide selection of spices, regional delights, and handcrafted jewellery.

Masirah Island

Masirah Island, a well-liked weekend getaway location throughout Oman, is home to various nesting turtles. This natural oasis is among the most stunning tourist destinations in Oman, offering a lovely rim of sandy beaches. Since the beaches are almost always unoccupied, many different bird species frequent this area. The traditional fisherman is always hard at work in the crystal-clear waters, and the coastline is constantly lined with dhows and boats. It’s a beautiful area to practise wind-powered water sports like kitesurfing because the weather here is windy all year.



The Sultanate of Oman is a historic nation with renowned aflaj irrigation. 

The country is rich in art history and artefacts. The decadent Wadi deserts, mountains and beaches attract anyone to Oman. 

The pristine landscapes and natural experiences put Oman into a vibrant cultural nation. The Arabic night markets and delicious cuisines are things to admire.