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10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Manipur 2023

Welcome to Manipur, a stunning land located in the northeast of India. Its vibrant landscapes, lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and breathtaking natural beauty create a picturesque backdrop that seems straight out of a dream. Explore this hidden gem where nature weaves its magic in every corner.


Experience the rich cultural heritage of Manipur, a land that has meticulously preserved its traditions and customs. You can enjoy the enthralling Manipuri dance performances that depict tales of love, devotion, and mythology through graceful movements and colourful costumes.

Know the Tourist Circuits!

Manipur is a beautiful place to appreciate nature’s beauty and people’s resilience. It’s a place where you can rediscover yourself and enjoy the simple things in life. Let the stunning scenery of Manipur awaken your senses, inspire your adventurous spirit, and leave a lasting impression on your soul.


Senapati is a beautiful and peaceful tourist destination in Manipur, known for its natural beauty. Most of this area is covered in lush green forests, while villagers inhabit the rest. It’s a great place to escape the busy city life and immerse yourself in nature. Listen to the sweet sounds of birds and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Take a thrilling trek through the dense forests and rugged terrain, where you’ll discover something new at every step. Don’t miss the stunning Dzuko Valley, a natural wonder that will leave you in awe. You’ll have to trek through meadows and forests to reach it, but the journey is worth it. The hills are adorned with colourful flowers during the blooming season, making it a truly picturesque sight.

Let the untouched beauty of Senapati awaken your sense of adventure and ignite a deep connection with nature.


Andro, a picturesque village in Manipur’s scenic landscapes, is a must-visit destination. It is a small village near Imphal renowned for its exceptional pottery craftsmanship. Andro is a living museum of Manipuri traditions, where the region’s cultural heritage is preserved with great pride. Travellers can explore the captivating Maibam Lokpa Ching, a traditional house that exhibits the architectural brilliance and intricate woodwork passed down through generations. Doll House is another popular tourist attraction, featuring an array of dolls belonging to the tribal sects of Manipur. The Andro Pottery Village is a hallmark of the region’s rich history, home to centuries-old pottery-making techniques. Visitors can witness skilled potters moulding clay into beautiful shapes using age-old techniques that have been perfected over time.

Andro is more than just a destination!



Imphal, located in the heart of Manipur, is well-known for its stunning natural beauty. The surrounding area features breathtaking views of hilltops, foothills, and valleys, along with notable landmarks like the Manipur State Museum, the Palace of Kangle, and the Polo Ground. Visitors will be delighted by the city’s beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and lush green hills. Imphal perfectly blends modern and traditional, where bustling markets coexist with ancient temples and historic sites. The city is renowned for its Manipuri dance tradition, and watching a performance is a must-do experience. Immerse yourself in Imphal’s essence and appreciate its timeless charm before leaving.

Prepare to be enchanted as you step into this captivating city.


Experience the solemnity of the Khongjom War Memorial, a tribute to the brave warriors who fought against the British forces. Surrounded by lush greenery, immerse yourself in the echoes of history as you explore the memorial complex. The Battle of Khongjom was the greatest war fought by the Manipuris against the British, and the Khongjom War Memorial Complex was constructed to commemorate the sacrifices made by the Manipuri soldiers. 33 km from Imphal, this historic attraction is a must-visit for all history enthusiasts. The memorial primarily honours Major General Paona Brajabashi, who gave his life for his motherland. The 30-foot-high entrance and surrounding greenery make it a popular sightseeing destination.

Leave with a profound appreciation for its timeless charm!



If you’re a bird-lover seeking a tranquil getaway, Tamenglong- also known as the Land of Hornbill- is the perfect destination in Manipur. The unexplored forests welcome you with open arms, while the nearby waterfalls and rivers add to the serene atmosphere. Nature enthusiasts will love this paradise, which offers breathtaking vistas and a sanctuary of tranquillity. Take a leisurely walk through the scenic landscapes, breathe in the refreshing mountain air, and feel your stresses melt away. Do not miss the hidden gems like the mesmerising Zeilad Lake or the magnificent Buning Meadow. The mysterious Cave Complexes of Tamenglong, such as Tharon Cave or Khoupum Cave, make this place well worth visiting.

Immerse yourself in its soul and appreciate its timeless beauty before leaving with a lasting impression.

Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley in Manipur is a stunning destination that offers a perfect escape for those seeking relaxation and adventure through hiking. The valley is widely known for its diverse collection of flowers, with the Dzukou Lily being a rare and exquisite sight. The lily blooms in abundance, creating a colourful landscape of red, pink, and white hues. In addition to its floral beauty, the valley is also a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts, with various flora and fauna species to observe. Watch for rare and endemic species, such as the Blyth’s Tragopan, Manipur Bush Quail, and Dzukou Monal, which enhance the valley’s natural charm.

Give a treat to your adventurous spirit!



Bishnupur is a beautiful place for its captivating beauty and religious significance. Often referred to as the “Land of Vaishnavism,” Bishnupur is famous for its stunning Manipuri architecture, fully displayed in its grand temples and monuments. The temples and ruins here are architecturally impressive and have spiritual significance. One of the must-visit places is the Bishnupur Rasmancha, a unique terracotta temple that showcases the region’s artistic brilliance. The temple walls are beautifully adorned with intricate carvings depicting scenes from mythology and daily life, making it a true visual delight. You can also explore the historical sites of Bishnupur, such as the Bishnupur Fort and the Dalmadal Cannon.

Discover the timeless spiritual beauty that lies.

Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake is a top attraction for local and foreign tourists visiting Manipur. The largest floating lake worldwide spans 240 sq km, offering a fascinating ecosystem. The lake is famously known as the “Floating Paradise,” featuring stunning views of serene waters, floating islands, and diverse wildlife. The crystal-clear waters reflect the azure sky above, and you’ll be mesmerised by the lake’s beauty. The lake’s calm surface is decorated with floating phumdis, unique circular masses of vegetation that gracefully drift on the water, creating a surreal and ethereal landscape. Witness the stunning sunset at Loktak Lake as the sun’s golden rays warmly glow over the surroundings.

Let the serenity of the lake transport you to a realm of peace and harmony!


Kangla Fort

Kangla Fort played a significant role in Manipur’s history as the seat of power until 1891. Located in the heart of Imphal, this historical monument is home to the Govindajee Temple, a museum from the Victorian era, and both inner and outer moats, which are worth exploring. At the entry gate, visitors are welcomed by the tall statue of the mythological animal, Kanglasha, which instantly captures attention. The fort’s grand gateways and fortified walls evoke a sense of grandeur and majesty, making for an imposing sight. As the seat of power for the Manipuri kings and a centre of cultural and religious significance, Kangla Fort has witnessed centuries of Manipuri history. Once inside, visitors can explore a world of legends, stories, and echoes of the past and discover historical landmarks, sacred sites, and architectural marvels.

Make unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever!

Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is a unique and fascinating destination located in Manipur. This park spans 40 sq km and is the only floating park in the world that is an integral part of Loktak Lake. It features a wetland ecosystem and a variety of wildlife species, making it a must-visit location for nature enthusiasts. The park is home to the brow-antlered deer-the “dancing deer of Manipur”- symbolising Manipur’s pride and conservation efforts. The scenery is breathtaking, with marshy wetlands, floating phumdis, and lush foliage surrounding visitors as they explore. Visitors can observe these majestic and endangered creatures in their natural habitat while exploring the park’s lush surroundings.

It’s delightful to witness these creatures in their habitat!



Discover the stunning beauty, rich culture, and unwavering resilience of Manipur. Let the lush landscapes, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality guide you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. Explore this captivating destination and experience the magic of nature’s splendour and the rich tapestry of human heritage. Immerse yourself in the charm of Manipur, embrace its beauty, and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever!