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10 Attractions you should visit in Alleppey

Alleppey is the visitor’s paradise. It is a beautiful city in Kerala, popularly known as the ‘Venice of the East. A typical Kerala lunch while cruising around the backwaters on a houseboat is a lovely experience. The network of serene canals and lagoons draws tourists in equal measure. The city’s abundance of traditional temples, parks, and boat race locations attracts tourists.


The city’s traditional designs and picturesque lagoons make the place a well-built heaven. The climate here is primarily temperate and humid. It is pleasant, mainly in the winter from November- February is the best time to visit Alleppey. The weather is ideal during the winter. The experience of houseboats and related activities will be great during these days.

Major attractions of Alleppey

The spectacular view of the city of Alleppey keeps one astonished for the rest of their lives. Do not miss a chance to visit the following attractions of Alleppey.


A vacation to Alleppey is incomplete without enjoying houseboats. You can see several houseboats in Alleppey at various locations. You can sit back and enjoy houseboats’ mangroves, coconut trees etc. A houseboat is not just riding through the waterways but experiencing a luxury stay with delicious traditional Kerala meals and other exciting games and activities. The houseboat experience can be seen in several places at Alleppey. You can just pre-book or book on sight (according to the availability) of boats and enjoy the pleasure ride.

Marari beach

Marari beach will be your next destination when you visit Alleppey. It is an idyllic beach with a hotspot for fishing activities located in the Mararikulam village in the Alleppey district. The clean blue water and the silver sand make the area a tourist spot. Living in a villa with a thatched roof might be a novelty. You learn about and sample the foods from your country in the interactive cooking classes. For relaxation, tourists can visit upscale spas and receive massages. There are several restaurants nearby which serve delicious food.

Alleppey beach

Alleppey beach is another spot for tourists. It is famous for its local getaways with stretches into the sea. Ease yourself up under the palm groves and picnicking beside the beachfront are fantastic options for those visiting the beach. Alleppey Beach hosts many festivals like the Sand Art Festival and Alappuzha Beach Festival. The peaceful shores and the arrangements of palm trees are relaxing sites.

Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple

Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna temple shrines Lord Krishna. This temple is well-known for its delicious rice puddings prepared in sweet milk, Pal Payasam. This temple is built in traditional Kerala architecture, showcasing beautiful paintings of various avatars of Lord Vishnu. The temple witnesses Pallipana every twelve years. The Aaraattu festival is another significant and well-known celebration. Between March and April, a flag-raising ceremony on the Atham star in Newnan marks the start of this celebration. The event is held on the same month’s Thiruvonam day.


St. Mary's Florane Church

St. Mary’s Florane Church is one of India’s oldest catholic Syrian churches. The church is located in Champakullam, on the shores of river Pamba; the innovative architecture attracts many tourists to the spot. The pearly white building is a beautiful amalgamation of Syrian and Portuguese designs. The church’s peaceful atmosphere and the backwaters’ nearness invite tourists to this area. The paintings on the wall soothe your eyes and soul.


Pathiramanal is a beautiful island in Alappuzha, once the property of the Thaimattatil family. It provides the ideal climatic conditions for the local flora and wildlife to flourish and is covered in dense natural foliage. It is the favourite spot for bird-watching and nature lovers. The place is a natural spot for many rare species, like 91 +local species of birds. Tourists can hire a boat and enjoy a calm ride in the boat, watching the mangrove forest around. 


Vembanad lake

Vambanas lake is another thing of attraction in Alleppey. It is the longest lake in India. Taking a houseboat would be a good experience on the Vembanad Lake. It is home to over 20,000 ducks, making it India’s third-largest waterfowl population. Shrimps find it to be the perfect environment. Distinct parts of Kerala have different names for Vembanad Lake. In Kochi, it is known as the Kochi Lake, Kuttanad as the Punnamada Lake, and Kottayam as the Vembanad. Additionally known as Vembanad Kol or Vembanad Kayal by locals.

Bay Island drift foot museum

Bay Island museum is another attraction of Alleppey. The Bay Island Driftwood Museum is known for its innovative modern art techniques to design various kinds of root and tree-trunk sculptures. Enthusiasts and experts of this unique and avant-garde style of art frequently visit the Bay Island Driftwood Museum. As the museum instils in its audience the virtues of imagination, creativity, originality, and initiative to produce valuable items out of materials that are typically considered waste, the student community finds the art form used in the preparation of the exhibits in the museum to be exciting and educational.


Revi Karunakaran Museum

Revi Karunakaran Museum is a memorial museum built in memory of the leading coir industrialist and businessman of Kerala- Revi Karunakaran. Built-in 2003, the acclaimed, privately-owned museum is one of the biggest of its kind, including sculptures, Belgian glassworks, Murano glassworks, Tanjore paintings, and enormous Swarovski crystals in jade, ivory, and porcelain.


The Alappuzha district is the centre of Kerala’s backwaters, and a small portion of the Kottayam district makes up the region known as Kuttanad. Kuttanad is known as the “rice bowl of Kerala” because of its extensive network of dykes-separated, lush green rice fields. Travelling through this isolated natural area, you’ll get a sense of Kerala’s traditional rural life. The geography of this area is a unique characteristic. It is the lowest elevation in the nation because it is about 2 metres below the main sea level.



Alappuzha, “The Venice of the East”, offers a great experience to visitors. The watery wetland provides a natural paradise to visitors. You can see water bodies everywhere. 

The delicious traditional food and luscious rice barge distributed along Alleppey are something to explore and experience. Village tourism and activities like coir production and handicrafts are memories to take back.